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Box updates security solution Shield |

Box updates security solution Shield |

It receives an intelligent classification of file contents. Shield now automatically identifies personal information such as social security numbers and IBAN codes. However, terms such as “confidential” or “only for internal use” also serve as criteria.

The cloud storage provider Box has announced new functions for its security solution Box Shield. The most important innovation is an intelligent classification of content in real time. It should also lead to increased compliance with regulations such as the GDPR, the HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Box (Image: Box)The automatic classification allows the identification of different personal data in files such as social security numbers, driving licenses, IBAN codes or ICD-9 or ICD-19 codes for the classification of diseases. However, individual terms can also be recognized in files such as “Confidential” or “For internal use only”. Unstructured file types such as documents, tables, PDF files and box notes are supported.

The new function also extends the existing options for classifying files via the programming interface. The API in turn is available to Box security partners such as IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Broadcom, McAfee, Netskope and Microsoft to disposal.

“The sudden shift to work from everywhere has created new security challenges for companies. It is now more important than ever to keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, ”said Varun Parmer, Box’s chief product officer. “In June alone, Box Shield prevented access to files classified as sensitive more than eight million times and stopped almost a million downloads. With advances in machine learning, we can add automatic classifications while files are being uploaded or edited. This greatly extends Shield’s ability to secure work from anywhere. This enables IT and security teams to configure and enforce security rules that would be impossible manually. ”

The main purpose of Box Shield is to prevent data leaks and to help identify threats such as compromised accounts. According to the company, Shield is the fastest growing product in Box’s history. It is used by some of the most tightly regulated companies in the world.

In April, Box already announced automated malware detection for Shield. The Device Trust function was added in May. Companies can use it to specify security requirements for company-owned and also personal devices for employees.

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