BR Broadcasting Council: Reinhard Scolik still program director

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The broadcasting council of the Bavarian broadcasting company has reappointed Dr. Reinhard Scolik approved as Director of the Culture Program Directorate on March 1, 2021. The BR announced this yesterday.

With this decision, the term of office of the 61-year-old program director is extended until September 30, 2024. Since 2016, Scolik has been responsible for BR television, ARD-alpha, 3sat, game – film series, knowledge and education, culture, entertainment and home. He is also responsible for the technical supervision of the cultural and entertainment offerings at Studio Franken. In addition, Scolik heads the ARD coordination knowledge, culture, music and religion.

But that’s not all! With a restructuring of the BR program directorates on July 1, his area of ​​responsibility was expanded to include the new, cross-media program directorate for culture, the program areas Bavaria 2, BR classic and the orchestras of Bavarian radio, as the broadcaster announced.

According to BR, the programs of BR television and ARD-alpha were successfully modernized in Scolik’s previous term as television director. Another focus in his work should be the promotion and further development of cinema, television film and series production with regional relevance and the strengthening of the role of the BR as a partner of the film and media industry.

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