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Before the upcoming directorate election at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR), the station’s employees spoke out in favor of a woman at the top. “It’s time for a director!” Says an open letter to the broadcasting council.

The 50-member broadcasting council elects the head of the station – and only the members of the committee can suggest candidates. There is no public tender.

Acting BR Director-General Ulrich Wilhelm is no longer running for a third period after ten years in office. His contract with the public broadcaster expires at the end of January next year.

The broadcasting council meets this Thursday (1.30 p.m.) for the first time after Wilhelm’s decision in Munich. The election itself is expected for the panel’s autumn meeting on October 22nd. The council is composed of political, ideological and social groups.

The BR women’s network “Female for Future” wanted to hand over the open letter to the broadcasting councils before the meeting. Members should choose a woman, it says. “Such a decision promotes the long-term reputation of public service broadcasting.”

The network describes itself as a loose association of employees from all parts of the BR. It wants to bring the perspective of women in all questions of the broadcaster. The network did not disclose the number of members.

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