Braava jet m6, review: effortlessly shiny floors

There will come a time when manual house cleaning will become a thing of the past. That day is yet to come since, although cleaning robots are increasingly capable and accessible, they are still far from being as infallible as a person. But if there is a company that is close to achieving it, that is iRobot.

These days we have been testing the Brava jet m6, a robot mop which costs € 699.99. iRobot sets itself apart from the rest by creating a robot specifically created to scrub or clean the dust, instead of combining two in one (vacuum cleaner and scrubbing) as other brands do.

Design and technology

The iRobot Braava range corresponds to the fregauselos and all are characterized by their square design and white color. The m6 jet is the largest in the range, but despite its 9 centimeters in height, this robot can easily clean under furniture, something that, for example, the Roomba i7 does not achieve.

The Braava jet m6 also highlights the upper silver circle, this circle is backlit to give us some bright messages, for example, when it detects dirt it lights up white, when it has a problem it does it red and when it returns to its base it does it blue . The same color code as the Roomba. Beneath this silver circle is in water tank that you will use to scrub, remove and put the tank is very simple, we just have to press the silver circle so that the lid opens, we will see that the tank is round and has a small handle, we pull the handle to extract it and fill it with what we want to use, only water or mixed with a cleaning product. Then we close the cap and put it back, so that it fits correctly we must first insert it with the handle raised and when it is already in place, we lower it again to close the lid.

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At the front of the robot is the nozzle through which expels pressurized water when scrubbing. Just above this mouthpiece is the camera that allows mapping the house for further processing in the application. In the right corner it has three buttons, one is the cleaning button that allows us to use the robot manually without the mobile application. On each side of that button is located on one side the Spot button for localized deep cleaning, which has a crosshair icon. And on the other side, the home button that takes the robot back to the base when we want to finish the cleaning process manually.

Underneath the spray nozzle is the cloth eject button that allows you to eject dirty cloth without having to touch it. To introduce them in principle, it would not be necessary to turn the robot around, you just have to slide them underneath to make them hook. Although sometimes it is difficult to know if they have hooked correctly, because the robot does not make any sound indicating it, we will only know it because from the application it will let us start it and if it does not tell us that one is missing.

For each type of cleaning Braava jet m6 includes three disposable cloths for deep scrubbing, a disposable cloth for deep dust cleaning, a reusable cloth for scrubbing and another reusable cloth for cleaning dust.

It stands out, both in scrubbing and dust cleaning, its stealth when working. Something logical if we consider that you do not have to aspire. It is only noisier when scrubbing as we hear it expel water.

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Like Roomba s9 + and i7 +, Braava jet m6 uses the navigation system iAdapt 3.0 with technology vSLAM and the smart mapping system Imprint Smart Mapping to memorize the layout of your home, allowing users to control which rooms are cleaned and when.

Cleaning and application modes

As we have mentioned before, this robot has two cleaning modes, scrubbing and cleaning dust or mop. To choose between one or the other we simply have to put the corresponding cloth. The Braava jet m6 includes two reusable cleaning cloths, one for dry cleaning and one for scrubbing. And three disposables, two for scrubbing and one for cleaning dust. We will know to what type of cleaning each one corresponds by the color of the coupling label that they incorporate on the back. Blue is for wet cleaning, white for dry cleaning. In the packaging each cloth comes with a cardboard label that indicates the type of cloth that is in several languages ​​and with a drop crossed out or not depending on the type.

The reusable cloths are cloth and the disposable cloths are white. In the case of disposables they do not mean that they are for single use, they can be used several times, until we see that they are so dirty and we can throw them away. The reusable ones can be washed without problem in the washing machine, that is to say at 30º maximum and with colored clothes to avoid fading. We have done it, and they have been perfectly clean and we have not had any fading problems.

Disposable cloths does not mean that they are for single use, we can use them until we believe that they no longer clean and that they need to be thrown away, since this type of cloth cannot be washed.

In the iRobot store we can buy more reusable cloths for Braava jet m6 for € 29.99 a pair. A pack of 7 disposable cloths, both for scrubbing and cleaning dust, cost € 11.99 each pack.

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Once the cloth is put, we only have to give clean from the application or from the robot buttons themselves. The difference between doing it from the application or from the robot, is that if we do it from the application we can choose if we want to clean only a specific room.

When we select the scrubbing mode, it is necessary that the water tank is full to the top at least the first time we are going to use it. Later, if the tank has not been used up, it is not necessary to refill it, the Braava jet m6 will warn us that there is no water left. If you run out of water at the end of a cycle, you will automatically return to your base, even if you are on a training cycle. Once we have refilled the tank, it will automatically return to the point where it was left. It can be scrubbed only with water or we can add the cleaning product we want and in the amount we want, we can even add bleach, the only restriction is that we do not fill the tank with boiling water. They include in the box a small bottle of a cleaning product to try.

In scrub mode, the robot expels the pressurized water through the nozzle and passes over it several times to extend it and dry it at the same time. One of the qualities of this robot is that, when it passes through the wet several times, the soil dries before.

Since the scrub mode expels water that can damage some furniture or surfaces such as carpets, the Braava jet m6 has a special obstacle avoidance system that keeps them further away to avoid getting them wet.

Both the scrub mode and the dust cleaning mode are quite intensive, the robot goes through the same area several times, removing any dirt with enough success and efficiency and it has nothing to do with the scrubbing that we could do.

Spot mode is the deep cleaning mode and we can only select that from the robot, taking it by hand to the specific place where we want to clean. In this mode you will thoroughly clean an area of ​​1.22 square meters. Once it is finished we can send it to the base by pressing the button home.

From the application we can choose whether we want you to clean the entire house or just a specific room. If we have a Roomba we can also select to vacuum first, either the whole house or a room.

We can also configure a cleaning calendar so that it is always done at a specific time. It is important that, in this case, we know that the house or room floor is going to be collected to avoid accidents.


One of the strengths of iRobot robots is their imprint smart mapping system that allows their robots to memorize the house plan allowing this selective cleaning of rooms and that the robots return to their base without having to pick them up. When the map is done correctly and we have a robot vacuum cleaner we can choose the option of vacuuming a room first before scrubbing it or cleaning the dust.

The problem with this robot is the correct creation of the maps. Every time we hit Clean the robot makes a map of the surface where it has been able to pass. The first time we use it, the robot will take about two cycles to make the map, depending on how big the house is. As we have said before, this robot has a different obstacle avoidance system than the Roomba. While the Roomba can and should be put on rugs to be able to vacuum them, the Braava have to avoid them in order not to damage them. This has all the logic, the problem is that it does not adapt correctly to all the architectures of all the houses.

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In my house, at the entrance of some rooms there are joints on the floor. These joints are usually placed on wooden floors to prevent the slats from moving and creating gaps. They’re a little lift, I really hadn’t even realized they were there until I tested this robot. The Braava goes to the meeting when it is passing, tries to pass it, but when he sees that the rise is high, he interprets that it may be some kind of carpet and he goes backwards avoiding that obstacle, which means that the map of the house It is not complete and sometimes it is wrong.

To create a map we must start a training cycle, as I mentioned before, it will have to be entered several times to complete the map. In these training cycles it also cleans. It is also recommended to do them at different times of the day, so that you learn to clean with different light intensities.

During the whole month that I have had the robot with me I have only carried out training cycles trying that, although the map was not complete, at least it was correct and until now I have not succeeded. It is a bit frustrating since if I enter the options of the iRobot i7 in the same application I can see the correct map.

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Despite the problems I have had with the mapping, I cannot disdain that the cleaning carried out by this robot is impeccable. Also, as I mentioned before, even if you are scrubbing you can quickly go through the clean area without having to “step on the scrubbing” as it dries instantly.

Except for bathrooms and kitchen, the floor of my house is flooring. We have a dog and we live next to some works, so it quickly fills up with hair and dust, although the Roomba i7 helps us a lot, afterwards it was always necessary to scrub or mop the floor to make the floor look really clean and not only half. This is something we have made durable with the Braava jet m6 by simply putting it on every day without having to clean ourselves. In order to clean those rooms that the robot did not reach on its own, we carried it by hand and the result is the same.

Coordination with the iRobot is perfect and we have verified it in those rooms that the Braava has been able to map correctly. So if your house does not have these obstacles, and you have a wooden floor that needs more care and more frequent cleaning than the tile, this is a robot that you should have. Even having these meetings in the house we recommend it since the cleaning is perfect and it is worth having to take it from one place to another.

Final assessment


If you have pets, wooden floors, or simply surfaces that get easily dirty, the Brava jet m6 is a highly recommended robot to avoid having to scrub or mop almost daily.

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