Brand new update for Worms Armageddon now live

It took a long time, but Worms Armageddon has a brand new patch that is finally live. A new blog post on Steam announced that the 21-year-old game will receive a number of welcome fixes and updates.

If you’ve been a Worms fan for years, now is a good time to get back in the game and see everything that has been fixed and improved.

In the blog, Team17 Digital wrote: “Our thanks go to all hardworking members of the Worms Armageddon community who helped make this update a reality.”

We have put together some of the new functions and highlights. However, you can also see the announcement trailer below.

Unlock brand new schema options

With over 70 new schema options, you can fully customize your matches in a variety of ways. You can fire more than one weapon per turn, see worms bounce around, and manipulate physics. However, this is only for the serious worms players out there. You must first complete single player mode and unlock the full worm to access these new options.

If you have ever used the RubberWorm module, you can now access all of these functions using the new star button Advanced Scheme Options.

Experience better frame rates

Previously, older versions of Worms were limited to around 50 frames per second. In this new patch, you can play worms at any frame rate that your hardware supports.

Window mode

If you’ve had to deal with cumbersome resolution changes in the past, there’s good news for you. You can now play Worms Armageddon in a window. This is also ideal if you are using screen capture software. This can be activated via the Advanced Settings menu.

Good news for streamers

Another option for the streamers among us is that in the new streaming mode, no IP addresses are displayed when hosting or joining an online game. This is great news for privacy-conscious people.

CPU teams

You can now add CPU teams to online games that are easily distinguished from player teams. That means you can team up with friends or just watch a relaxing game with only CPU teams.

Take a map shot

For those who would like to save a snapshot of their current map, you can quickly remember their destruction. By typing / map in the in-game chat or pressing Alt + Pause, you can save a snapshot of the current status of your map.

Compatibility improvements

Developers have worked hard to ensure that everyone can play worms regardless of what hardware is available. In this new update, some improvements have been made to improve the usability for Windows 10 users. It is now also available on Linux.

Worms translated into seven languages

An army of volunteer translators has helped ensure that Worms Armageddon is now fully translated into seven languages ​​- French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Portuguese. Four other languages ​​are currently on the move.

370 bug fixes

In recent years, developers have worked on a number of bugs that have now been fixed with this update. During this update, 370 bugs and 45 changes were made to improve the gaming experience.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Worms, and Team 17 is celebrating with the brand new Worms game Worms Rumble. This plus, the brand new update for Armageddon, is great news for Worms fans out there. Fans can also sign up for the new Worms game – Worms Rumble – by signing up for the closed beta. However, you must act quickly as this ends at 5:30 p.m. CET / 6:30 p.m. CEST.

Are you a Worms Armageddon fan that is still strong? Are you going to pick up the new Worms Rumble game? Let us know your thoughts below.

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