Breaking Bad Star Giancarlo Esposito will appear in a "huge" game

Actor Giancarlo Esposito, who you may know from his legendary performance as the calm and calculating monster Gud Fring from Breaking Bad, has announced that he will appear in an upcoming video game, although he still knows exactly what the game is for now. That won’t stop us speculating about what game it could be.

He is a great actor who has played a number of interesting roles over the years, including a comedic twist in Spike Lee’s Joint Do The Right Thing, a cop who works in a morally gray zone in The Box (2007), and of course his fantastic performance as the drug king hiding in sight and operating a drug empire under the guise of a chain of chicken restaurants.

This won’t be his first time in a game since he also voiced a character for Payday 2, but after the sounds of things, this is a much bigger project. Speaking to Collider about this new role, he said the following:

“… I cannot really mention this video game that I made and that will become huge. This new acting style, which in a way represents this pandemic, has also created a new acting style for you through Zoom. Through our own mechanics to find out how we communicate. “

It is obviously a fairly open statement. Industry expert and game analyst Daniel Ahmad said he expected us to learn about this game Later this month.

Any ideas? I think he would be perfect for playing a Far Cry villain, especially since the series has been so focused in the recent posts on delivering convincing villain accomplishments. It would also be a nice allusion to his show mate Michael Mando, who played the fantastic villain Vaas in Far Cry 3 before starring in Better Call Saul. Ubisoft has planned a digital event “Ubisoft Forward” for July 12th, so maybe something then?

We expect Microsoft to host its big Xbox Series X event later this month. Perhaps he could then be in a game that will then be presented, either for a Microsoft first-party title or for a third-party game that appears in that event.

We also know that Square-Enix plans to announce some games next month. Maybe it could be a game of theirs, they’re pretty difficult to predict.

Any theories? Are there any games where you want to see Esposito? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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