"Breeders": Comedy series with "Sherlock" star starts today at Sky

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Traveling with children: Not always nice and relaxing. In the new comedy series “Breeders”, which starts today at Sky, the parent-child relationship is being taken on the shovel.

Who does not know: Although you love your children more than anything, there are also moments when you would love to shoot them at the moon. Martin Freeman, “Sherlock” star and himself the father of two children, has packed the parent-child relationship with all its facets in a comedy series.

Although Paul (Martin Freeman) does everything to be a loving father, the upbringing of his two children often brings him to the brink of nervous breakdown and to despair. His partner Ally (Daisy Haggard), on the other hand, initially seems to be coping better with the situation. But she also doubts whether she is really a good mother, whether she is still attractive to Paul and how she can reconcile her full-time job and family life. Then one day Ally’s estranged father Michael (Michael McKean) stands at the door and moves in without further ado. The free spirit likes to tell his grandchildren that homework is completely unnecessary and turns the household upside down.

In addition to Martin Freeman, the two “Veep” makers Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell are among the series creators of “Breeders”. The cast of Sky Studios and FX also includes Daisy Haggard (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”), Michael McKean (“Better Call Saul”), Joanna Bacon (“Actually … Love”) and Alun Armstrong (“Sleepy Hollow”). Directed by Chris Addison and Ben Palmer.

Modern child rearing, living together as parents, partners and professionals: The ten-part first season of “Breeders” always runs from August 4th Tuesdays from 8:15 p.m. in double sequences of approx. 30 minutes each Sky Atlantic HD and in parallel on Sky Ticket, Sky Go and via Sky Q on demand, either in German or in the original.

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