Brutal offer of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, reduced 320 euros


Once again we are faced with one of those moments in which the wait has been worth it. No one can doubt that a mobile phone of the size of Samsung Galaxy S10 + is, today, one of the best smartphones you can buy despite being on a mobile phone with more than a year to live. With a discount of more than 300 euros on its official price, it is quite a gift.

Samsung’s top of the range for 2019 has suffered different price reductions throughout its commercial life. However, we have rarely seen it with a discount that exceeds 300 euros. Amazon is the one who allows us to buy the S10 + at its minimum price or, rather, the NEW CASH TECHNOLOGY store. It is one of the many sellers that operate through the online platform to offer succulent discounts and deals on big mobile phones. In addition, it is one of the few sells that have accumulated more than 94% of positive scores in the last 12 months.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus case

The S10 + offer

Looking back, it won’t take us long to remember how he Samusng best mobile Launched in the first half of last year, it became one of the first phones, with the exception of Apple’s options, to overcome the barrier of 1,000 euros. Now, waiting for a reasonable enough time, we can buy it with a 320 euro discount. This means that, instead of paying the 1009 euros that the mobile looks like the official price, we can take it home for 689 euros. You also have the possibility, if Asia wants it, to finance the purchase by paying € 31.65 for 24 months, although that will slightly increase the final price of the mobile.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 + with a discount of 320 euros on Amazon

To access the offer you just have to click on the link above, where you will find the Spanish version of the phone or the Korean firm at its minimum price, as long as you do not mind that it is the white model. The discount is applied on the 8 GB version of RAM with 128 GB of storage.

Remember that this offer of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + depending solely and exclusively on the seller, not on Amazon, so we cannot know when it will end or when it will rise in price again. The only thing we know, besides the price, is that you receive it next week and that you will not have to pay any more euro for shipping costs.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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