The physical keyboard is becoming an increasingly indispensable accessory for the iPad, and one of the best-known manufacturers, Brydge, already offers us its famous keyboards that turn the iPad into a “MacBook” with a layout in Spanish at the Apple Store and its European store.

Brydge has been manufacturing external keyboards for iPad for a long time with a very characteristic aesthetic that turns our iPad into a MacBook. Made of high quality aluminum aluminum and with finishes that perfectly match the colors of the iPadThese keyboards also have keys specially dedicated to iOS functions, which make them ideal for those who want to write on their iPad with the same feeling they have when they do it on a laptop. Backlit with adjustable intensity, angle adjustable from 0 to 180º, rechargeable battery through microUSB with a 1-year autonomy after a full recharge and Bluetooth connectivity are the specifications that complete a keyboard that everyone who has been able to test qualifies as sensational.

Brydge has its keyboards available for all existing iPad models, although at the moment only with Spanish keyboard layout for the iPad Mini (€ 109.95), iPad 7th generation (€ 139.95) and iPad Air 3 (€ 139.95) and they can be purchased now in the Apple Store online (link) and in physical stores. They are also available in the Brydge European store (link) for the same price, although for a limited time they have a € 30 discount voucher that you can find in the same store at the time of purchase. Hopefully, the models with trackpad and the Spanish layout for the Brydge Pro keyboard for iPad Pro will also arrive soon, which also has a trackpad and a protective cover for the back of the iPad. The brand also has accessories for MacBook Air and Pro in its European store.