Bungie Day 2020 launches Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph Event

The annual celebration of all things Bungie, aptly called Bungie Day, took place yesterday on the “seventh day of the seventh month,” and it brings with it a number of Destiny 2 treats.

As Bungie explains, the one-day celebration is less a self-celebrating ego rip than a way of recognizing the vibrant community that underpins the multiplayer first person shooter. “We hope that you can take some time today to enjoy the friendships and memories created by the games that we were allowed to create,” says the developer.

Today is about you – all of you. We create worlds that inspire friendship. When you come together in these worlds (and in the real world) to do amazing things, you honor all of our hard work. In this way, you could say that every day is a bungie day, but the seventh day of the seventh month is a good time to make it official. We appreciate you. Thank you for playing our games. “

And what better way to show appreciation to the tens of thousands who continue to spend hours in Destiny 2 than rewards, loot, and in-game events.

At the top is a new downloadable Destiny 2 update (more precisely 2.9.1) that landed yesterday. In addition to routine bug fixes and balance changes, the update also triggers the launch of the in-game Moments of Triumph event, which runs through September 22, 2020. It contains 28 triumphs to be conquered – challenges and activities that offer a number of rewards upon completion.

A story of heroes and villains written in the stars. But before the page turns, the guards will use the moment to celebrate their victories. When their journey begins again, they will carry their triumphs to those who yearn for inspiration. For hope. For light. “

Moments of Triumphs also removes the weekly reward cap from five featured raids. Players can raid the raids for the enjoyment of the exotic and the like, although Secret Chests maintain the weekly limit. The five raids featured are Leviathan, Eater of the Worlds, Tower of the Stars, Crown of Mourning and Scourge of the Past. Complete each of them to land cosmetics ranging from the Contender’s Ghost Shell and the Luxurious Toast Emote to a selection of shaders.

Those who are brave enough to complete all five – or more realistic, those who have a lot of time – will get a special emblem and the chance to buy an exclusive real world raid ring. There is also an emblem for the completion of a triumph and a commemorative t-shirt to commemorate to defeat fifteen of them. Complete all 28 for a new seal and MMXX title, with which you can “present your exclusive title in future seasons as proof of your commitment”.

Bungie also wants to stimulate the charitable side of gamers by offering a Bungie Foundation Destiny 2 emblem to every player who donates $ 25 to the iPads for Kids program. The Eververse Store also offers an exotic, sensitive ghost shell. All proceeds go to the iPads for Kids program.

Finally, Bungie has put together some pretty sharp free Destiny 2 wallpapers that you can download here.

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