Buy a Xiaomi, Honor or Google Nest router: pros and cons

Changing the router and taking advantage of the old router for other purposes is increasingly common, although it still seems reserved for less experienced users. For this reason, manufacturers strive to facilitate the configuration task, provided that the operator allows us to maintain the contracted services. As we have mentioned, in recent times there are new brands that want to sneak into our home with your own router.

Honor Router 3

The first model that we are going to talk about is the last to hit the market. In this case we are dealing with a WiFi 6 device with simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi AX3000. This offers us speeds of up to 574Mbps in the 2.4GHz band and up to 2,402Mbps in the 5GHz band. Its price is 185 euros, a range in which we find much more valid alternatives. However, as a launch offer we can get it for 79.90 euros.


His big problems is that we don’t have 4 gigabit ethernet portsWe do not have a USB port to share, the CPU is quite weak compared to similarly priced rivals, the WiFi Mesh only allows two nodes (not enough for large houses) and the firmware offers very few configuration options. As an alternative we find NETGEAR, AVM or D-Link models among others.

Google Nest WiFi

We have been able to test Google’s Nest WiFi router and it left us a bittersweet knowledge to be a product of an Internet giant. Its price is 159 euros for the main unit, 139 euros for the secondary or access point and 259 euros for a package with router and access point. As we see, we are talking about a high-end at the price level.

Its big problems are the insufficient performance of WiFi connections, accused loss of coverage in remote locations or the lack of advanced options in the firmware. This is something that many of the routers that want to compete in a market share with manufacturers that have been doing things well for a long time. As an alternative we have NETGEAR Orbi Voice and ASUS Lyra Voice equipment.

Xiaomi or Redmi router

There are several models of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi or its brand Redmi launched in recent years. Generally, these are devices that offer good wireless performance for their price, placing themselves at the level of other similar alternatives. Without going any further, the Mi Router 4A can be purchased for around 30 euros from Spain.

xiaomi 4a

Its big problem is related to the firmware and the support offered by the Chinese firm. This is something that also applies to the rest of the Xiaomi and Redmi routers. The web interface appears in chinese in these models and we have to pull translators to change something as simple as the WiFi password. Hopefully they fix this and at least go on to offer the configuration in English.

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