Buy and sell items from your favorite games safely with Eldorado

Buy and sell items from your favorite games safely with Eldorado

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Online games continue to grow constantly. Some like Fortnite have become real mass phenomena and millions of players enter the Internet every day to play them. Most of these games use the well-known free-to-play system, with which you can play for free. However, to achieve items or abilities that really move you forward in the game, you need to spend many hours a day. Something that not everyone can afford.

Hence, micropayments in these types of games are the order of the day. And this is where it comes in Eldorado, an online store that allows us to buy and sell coins, objects, enhancers and all kinds of resources from the most popular online games. We are talking about a platform that connects buyers and sellers and keeps track of the entire sale process so that the transaction is safe for both of them. To do this, it uses TradeShield protection, which ensures that both sellers and buyers are protected against possible deception. We will explain how Eldorado works and what services it offers us.

Who is behind Eldorado?

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Eldorado was created almost 10 years ago by players tired of the scams and scams they had seen when buying items for games. Taking advantage of their years of experience and the love they have for this market, these players created Eldorado to offer a safe, easy-to-use and well-supported store for buyers and sellers.

After so many years online, the team behind Eldorado has bought and sold millions in gold and articles in games like RuneScape, Path of Exile, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, CS: GO and more. So they have become the trusted store for thousands of players looking to buy in-game items, gold, booster services, or even full game accounts like Fortnite.

TradeShield, the best protection for buyers and sellers

One of the premises of Eldorado is to offer security against possible scams. To achieve this they use an exchange tool known as TradeShield, which ensures that both sellers and buyers are protected against possible deception or fraud. It is one of the great differences between Eldorado and other similar online platforms.

Through this system, Eldorado holds the payment for a time until the transaction is validated and there are no complaints from either party.. In this way, if at any time a problem arises, it will be the platform that offers the refund of the money after the corresponding return of the content if the buyer had received it.

TradeShield is a system that protects both buyers and sellers, as sellers always receive their money and buyers always receive their purchased objects. Additionally, the seller can cancel an order at any time, with the buyer receiving a full refund.

How to buy and sell in Eldorado

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Ease of use is another key to Eldorado, so buying and selling on the platform is really easy. The first thing we will need is to create an account on the website.

If we want to sell, the account requirements will be a bit stricter, as the platform seeks to offer confidence to buyers. Sellers’ accounts will be supervised by the Eldorado team to check that what is being sold is real and really belongs to the seller.

In addition, the platform offers users the possibility of sending an image of their identity document so that those responsible can validate that they really are who they say they are. Those who pass this verification will receive a kind of green arrow that will appear next to their name and that allows us to see that it is a verified account.

As for the purchase process, it is practically identical to that of any online store. You just have to find the product that interests you, add it to the cart and proceed to purchase. The difference is that once purchased we will have to follow the instructions sent to us from Eldorado to contact the seller. It will be this one that guides us through the game or provides us with the instructions to receive what we have acquired.

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Once the merchandise is received we will have to indicate in Eldorado that we already have it through the box of received object. We can also leave a comment about the seller, something that always comes in handy for other buyers to see if it’s legit or not.

As we have discussed, Eldorado manages transactions via TradeShield to protect both buyer and seller. So all transactions will be managed from the control panel that each user will have on the website. Here we will have precise instructions on what to do with each purchase.

Definitely, Eldorado is a platform for buying and selling objects, coins, enhancers and even complete accounts that provides security to buyers and sellers. Through the TradeShield system they make sure to avoid fraud and deception to offer a safe and fast way to buy items for your favorite games.

The page charges only 5% commission, already added to the price, so it is able to maintain competitive prices compared to the competition. It also offers the commented security plus, since others only protect potential buyers. And if we add good customer service to all of this, we are facing a great alternative to acquire resources that we cannot achieve by playing for whatever reason.

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