Buying a second-hand high-end mobile vs buying a new cheap mobile

What is preferable? Buy a high-end from previous years of second-hand or a current but cheap phone? The decision is not easy and depends on many factors.

With the increase in the price of new phones, with models that get to overcome the barrier of 1,000 euros –justifiably or not, that is another debate-, many users bet on finding much cheaper alternatives.

Now what is better? Buying a second-hand high-end mobile or deciding on a new but cheap phone? Do I bet on a Samsung Galaxy S10 or do I jump in the pool with the new OnePlus Nord? The decision is not really easy and depends on many factors.

Second-hand high-end mobile or new but cheap?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, back

The Galaxy S10 is still a huge choice in 2020, but is it the best option?

For the answer to this question, the CNET medium Has compared a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a Motorola Moto G8 Power. The first was once one of the high ranges of the moment and today it can be purchased for just over 250 euros, reconditioned. The second is one of the most interesting mid / low ranges of the moment, thanks to its enormous battery and its spectacular sound. Its price, around 200 euros.

The conclusion of this editor, is that possibly a top-of-the-range processor from previous years will be better for certain applications than a new but cheap mobile. In this case, the processor of the Galaxy S8 surpasses that of the Motorola, especially if we use video games. Now, if we are going to have a mobile phone to make use of apps such as surfing the internet, mail or send text messages, the performance of the terminals will be the same, so other variables such as the duration of the battery, camera or design.

In our opinion, the answer to this question should be DEPEND. The first thing that we have to take into account is the use that we are going to give to this terminal. Do we want a high-end with a good camera? Then better go on the high-end and second-hand phone. Do we want a cheap device with a good battery? So let’s buy a current mid-range. So with everything.

Each user is a world and not all of us have the same needs. Buying a high range from previous years can be a great idea if we are looking for power at the best price but it does not have to be the best option for everyone. In the example that we have put in previous paragraphs, the Galaxy S10 is a great option in 2020 but the OnePlus Nord is a terminal just out of the oven with a predictably longer useful life. The decision must be all yours and as we always say, buying a terminal is not a trivial decision so it is very important to inform yourself before making any decision.

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