Buying advice: Notebooks with AMD Ryzen 4800H

Schenker and his daughter Tuxedo offer a 15 kg 15.6-inch notebook with AMD’s most powerful Ryzen 4800H notebook CPU. And Slimbook from Spain also has such a model on offer. All three models are based on the Chinese variant Mechrevo Code 01.

With the launch of the Ryzen 4000 series, AMD is now the performance leader in the notebook segment Intel accepted. AMD’s notebook processors are so strong that some testers call a missing Ryzen option a shortcoming.

AMD Ryzen 4800H: Cinebench (screenshot: AMD Ryzen 4800H notebook processor makes some desktop CPUs look old (screenshot:

So far, notebook manufacturers have mainly relied on the 15-watt models of the U series, now there are variants with the currently fastest Ryzen 4800H processor. This is specified with 45 watts, offers a standard clock of 2.9 GHz and a turbo clock of 4.2 GHz. The U variant, on the other hand, only comes with a standard clock of 1.8 GHz.

AMD Ryzen 4000: models at a glance (Image: AMD)

Schenker, his daughter Tuxedo and the Spanish supplier Slimbook have announced 15.6-inch notebooks that are equipped with a Ryzen 4800H and a 91 Wh battery. The remaining technical parameters are almost identical. All three variants offered in Europe are based on the Mechrevo Code 01 model already sold in China.

Schenker VIA 15 Pro with Ryzen 4800H (Image: Schenker)

This consists of a housing made of magnesium and aluminum (underside), which explains the relatively low weight of 1.5 kg. The Radeon Vega 7 graphics unit integrated in the Ryzen processors serves as the graphics unit. The notebook is therefore not aimed at game freaks, but rather at standard users who prefer a powerful device. The maximum memory expansion can be up to 2x 32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz. For SSDs there is unfortunately only one M.2 slot with fast connection via four PCI Express 3.0 lanes. There are also a total of four USB slots, including a USB-C-3.2 Gen1 port (5 GBit / s), which enables the notebook to be charged using a USB power supply or an external battery using Power Delivery. In addition, the housing has a round power connector that is provided for connection to the supplied 90-watt power supply.

Schenker VIA 15 Pro with Ryzen 4800H: interfaces (Image: Schenker)

The HDCP-capable HDMI connection with the current version 2.0 supports image output on an external 4K monitor at up to 60 Hz. Due to the missing display out, no monitor can be connected to the USB 3.1 connection. The laptop also features a microSD card reader (but only USB 2.0), a 2-in-1 audio connection and a Gigabit LAN port (Realtek RTL8168 / 8111). Wireless data transfer is handled by a fast WiFi 6 module (Intel AX200). The WiFi model is not soldered, but plugged in and can therefore be replaced.

The 15.6-inch, up to 300 nit / s bright display with Full HD resolution is based on IPS technology and offers 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color space. Despite the low overall weight, a 91 Wh battery is used, which gives the notebooks long-running qualities: Playing videos with manually adjusted screen brightness to 150 cd / m2 indicates Schenker with just under 14 hours. An excellent value, which is also confirmed by a first test on The tester also mentions that the notebook is usually very quiet during operation and the fans only get a little louder under heavy load.

Tuxedo Pulse 15 with AMD Ryzen 4800H (Image: Tuxedo)

Comparison: Schenker VIA 15 Pro, Slimbook 15 and Tuxedo Pulse 15

While Schenker and Tuxedo also offer a Ryzen 4600H as a processor, Slimbook only uses the Ryzen 4800H. Since the devices are almost identical, they can be compared very well. As a comparison parameter, ZDNet configured the notebooks with the following equipment: Ryzen 4800H, 250 GB SSD from Samsung (970 EVO) and 16 GB DDR4 RAM with the most powerful configuration (3200 MHz), as well as 24 months warranty. Slimbook and Tuxedo deliver the notebooks as standard with Linux variants optimized for the devices. Schenker and Tuxedo also offer for the model Windows 10 Home on. However, there is an additional charge of around 100 euros.

In this configuration, chosen by ZDNet, Slimbook requires 1174.09 euros for the Ryzen notebook including shipping. While the Schenker VIA 15 Pro is already available for 1007.92 euros. The Tuxedo Pulse 15 is slightly more expensive than the Schenker at 1047.9o euros. The slimbook is significantly more expensive than the models from Schenker and Tuxedo due to shipping costs of 65 euros.

The 15.6-inch notebooks with Ryzen 4800H are based on the Mechrevo Code 01 model sold in China (Image: Mechrevo).The 15.6-inch notebooks with Ryzen 4800H are based on the Mechrevo Code 01 model sold in China (Image: Mechrevo).

Option with more RAM and SSD storage

Since the devices only offer one NVMe slot, many should choose an SSD with higher capacity for the memory configuration. All providers enable configuration with a Samsung SSD 970 EVO. With a capacity of 1 TB, this costs an additional charge of 165 euros to 188.14 euros. 32 GB of memory (2x 16 GB in dual-channel mode) with the most powerful 3200 MHz option make the devices more expensive by up to € 126.73. In this configuration, the Slimbook costs 1409.90 euros, the Schenker 1322.79 euros and the Tuxedo 1320.84 euros.

Slimbook with Ryzen 4800H (Image: Slimbook)

Without NVMe with 32 GB DDR / 4 3200 MHz

Since the underside of the notebook models can be opened relatively easily, experienced users can also install the SSD and RAM themselves and thus save a little money. Schenker and Tuxedo offer the option of configuring the devices without an SSD, while the Slimbook allows a 250 GB SSD from Western Digital as a minimum. Nevertheless, with the Slimbook, if you buy the Samsung EVO individually, you save almost 80 euros. With Schenker and Tuxedo, the savings are over 100 euros.

15.6-inch notebooks with Ryzen 4800H (table:

Without NVMe, without RAM

Most savings can be made if the models from Schenker and Tuxedo are ordered with the minimum configuration and RAM and SSD are installed themselves. Instead of 1322.79 euros for the Schenker VIA 15 Pro with 32 GB DDR4 / 3200 and Samsung EVO 970 with 1 TB capacity, you only pay 1149.28 euros. Compared to the equipment provided by the manufacturer with these components, the Schenker saves around 173 euros. With the Tuxedo, the savings are not as high at 113.07 euros. You save the least with 108.91 euros for the Slimbook by manually installing SSD and RAM.


Slimbook, Tuxedo and Schenker offer interesting Ryzen 4800H notebooks that firstly convince in terms of performance and secondly only weigh 1.5 kg despite a display size of 15.6 inches. It is the lightest 15.6-inch notebook with AMD Ryzen 4800H. In addition, the 91 watt-hour battery ensures a long battery life. Thanks to the configuration options, you can save a little money, especially when buying the Tuxedo and the Schenker, if you buy and install the RAM and SSD yourself. However, you should wait a while before ordering, as the notebooks will only be available from mid-September. Until then, prices could drop a little.

15.6-inch notebooks with AMD Ryzen 4800H

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