Cabaret artist Florian Schroeder with a provocative appearance in the "lateral thinking" demo

With video: Cabaret artist Florian Schroeder drew a lot of polarized attention at the “lateral thinking” demo in Stuttgart and on the internet.

According to his own statements, Schroeder (40) came on stage on Saturday to “test the limits of your freedom of expression”. He received applause for his first remarks, as shown by a video that Schroeder distributed on his own YouTube channel: “My name is Schroeder, I come from the mainstream,” he says, and: “I was told here in Stuttgart is freedom. “

But the audience’s enthusiasm quickly waned. Schroeder asks whether we are living “in a Corona dictatorship”. After a polyphonic “yes” from the crowd, the cabaret artist argues against it: “If we had any form of dictatorship, then you shouldn’t even meet here, then you shouldn’t even stand here.”

When asked: “Do you want total freedom of expression?” A loud “Yes” can be heard from the audience. Schroeder then says: “I am of the opinion that Corona is a highly dangerous, contagious disease, and I am convinced that wearing masks and keeping your distance is the most important and best thing we can do these days.” shoves afterwards: “If you are for freedom of expression, you have to endure my opinion.”

The participants in the rally in Stuttgart on Saturday called for an end to the prescribed protective measures, which are intended to reduce the risk of the corona virus being transmitted. The organizers of “lateral thinking 711” spoke of 5,000 participants, the police numbered several hundred.

A similar event was planned for Sunday with 1,500 registered people in Dortmund.

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