Call 800, 803, 807 numbers …

Generally, except for 800 numbers, they are expendable numbers that you will not need because they are mostly television services, adult entertainment. That makes them especially expensive and can mean a high expense on your bill since the amount can perfectly reach two or three euros per minute Whether you call from landline or calls from mobile.

numbers 800


As in the case of calling 900 numbers, these are phones that you can call for free. There is no cost to call 800 numbers and it is a reverse charge. That is, the calls are billed to the company or the person who receives it but not to you who are calling. They are usually “official” numbers of public administrations and in some cases the call may be blocked if you are making it from a phone that does not belong to that territory.


Generally the numbers 801 are numbers of competitions, tarot or teleshop. It is very rare and it is rare that you find it, much less frequent than numbers 800 or numbers 803, 806 or 807, for example.


Like the previous one, it is infrequent and normally you will not see it, but in case you see it, it is intended for contests, the television shop or tarot calls.


The numbers 803 are services for adults (usually with erotic content) In this case, beyond the fact that the cost is very high, the benefit goes in part for the company that offers the service and in part for the telephone company. Usually it is essential look at the fourth digit beyond that it starts with 803. That is, if the fourth number is greater than 6, the price will be very high and you should normally have previously authorized it in your telephone company. If not, you will generally not be allowed.


The prefix 805 is rarely used and is practically non-existent so if you are going to call someone with this number, make sure in advance what it is about.


In the case of numbers beginning with 806 they are destined to leisure and entertainment service such as television, contests that appear on TV, raffles, etc. It is also common for it to be used for television, conference calling, occult science or tarot contact services.

As in all the previous ones, the amount varies according to the number that follows 806 until it even costs more than 3.50 euros per minute if the number is 9, for example.


Finally, the 807 numbers are related to professional services. Different from the previous ones, in this case we find a special pricing prefix but that is intended for medical services, for example, rentals, loans, consultancies, financial companies, airlines, etc. If you receive a call from 807, of course, it will cost you nothing. But if you do it will have a high cost so look for alternatives or think twice. Number 807 has been denounced on occasions by FACUA as some companies “compel” their clients to pay to contact for a service they have contracted and it is included in what they pay, for example, annually or monthly. Like consultancies or insurers.

Another common problem with the 807 is that it is usually associated with scams of all kinds, from false job offers to prizes that you have not won but that you receive by SMS and that promise you that you can get it by winning an 807. After several minutes and a large amount of money on your bill, you will discover that everything is a hoax.

Recommendations and safety

Most 80X phones, except for 800 numbers, are very expensive and have a high cost that will also depend on the fourth digit of the number you call, so it is important to pay attention to it. A higher figure in fourth position, more expensive will be the call. Also, from 6 they are generally telephones that you cannot call if you have not previously pre-activated in your company. They are usually blocked. In addition, all users have the possibility to speak with the operator to block or “disconnect” all the special pricing services if you do not want to call by mistake or if there is someone in your charge (elderly, children …) who may make the error of Call these services and get a scare on your bill.

You must be careful with these numbers since sometimes you receive an SMS or an email telling you to call if you need something in particular. Keep in mind that calls are high and that if it is a reliable and necessary company (such as your medical insurer), there is surely an alternative telephone number that you can find on their website from the “Contact” section.

Usually there are no pages devoted to search alternatives to 800 numbers (as is the case with 900 numbers) although you will find some. As they are voluntary telephones (they cannot be used for after-sales service or customer service) you will not always find an alternative to special pricing.

It is important that if you receive an SMS or an email asking you to contact through any number that begins with 80X, ignore it because it may be a scam, as we have explained.

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