Call from a number that begins with the prefix 212, who is it?

I have called a number that starts with prefix 212

During the last week, hundreds of users have reported in various forums and social networks having received a call through a number that begins with the prefix 212. Most of these users claim that the calls are constant and tend to last a few seconds. If we attend to the information of the prefix 212, the origin of the call takes us to Morocco. Who is really hiding behind these calls? We see it below.

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A number that begins with the prefix 212 called me

“I have been called twice today from a phone that begins with 212”, “It is a missed call, so there is no time to pick it up”, “Today there are two calls from +212 618139902” … Just make a brief Google search to find out the number of cases currently circulating on the Internet around the prefix +212. As confirmed by the Civil Guard on its official Twitter account, This is a scam attempt known as ‘the missed call scam’.

The scam in question is forged around a payment prefix from a country where the regulation of this type of numbers is much more permissive than in Spain. Apparently, the thieves make a multitude of missed calls indiscriminately to force user to call back. It is precisely at this point where the scam begins: the robbers try to keep the victim’s attention to extend the call as long as possible. In countries like Morocco, the cost per minute of this type of prefix can exceed ten euros. Some users have even claimed to have received receipts worth 400 euros.

From the official profile of the Civil Guard on Twitter, a list has also been provided with some of the most used prefixes in this type of ruse, such as 233 from Ghana, 234 from Nigeria, 355 from Albania, and 225 from Ivory Coast. We have made a compilation with some of the numbers that have received the most complaints in various Internet forums. The list in question is as follows:

  • 212 682302268
  • 212 682642433
  • 212 661371316
  • 212 650459490
  • 212 618467042
  • 212 618221853
  • 212 682098081
  • 212 650 418 830
  • 212 767352858
  • 212 661793189
  • 212 650227684
  • 212 618139902
  • 212 682859825

What is recommended from official bodies is block any number beginning with the prefix 212 or any of the prefixes that we have just mentioned, a process that we will explain below.

How to block calls from prefix 212

Blocking a number on Android and iOS is a really simple process, just access the call history and then click on the number we want to block. Finally we will click on Block number to veto the sender’s calls, as we can see in the image below.

Missed call from a number that begins with the prefix 212, who is it? one

Another more recommended option is to use applications such as Mr. Number (for iPhone) and True Caller (for Android). The good thing about these types of applications is that they have a database with thousands of phone numbers registered by other users. If the number matches any of the application’s records, the call will be automatically blocked.

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To block phone numbers from a landline we will have to resort to the device’s exclusion list, which we can access through any of the buttons on the dial. We can also use external blockers, small machines that connect to the telephone line to exclude calls from any number that we have previously indicated. At Amazon we can get one of these devices for approximately 25 euros.

List of spam numbers identified by

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