Call numbers 900, 901, 902 … Prices and alternatives

Calling 900 numbers is usually much better from the home landline and it can be up to five times cheaper than from the mobile phone, although not everyone has this option at home, so the risks of seeing a high charge on the bill are many. Even so, it is worth knowing what is the most expensive.



Numbers starting with 900 they are free and also the ones that start with 800. If you have to call and the first three digits are 900 you will not have to worry about special pricing because they do not have any expense for the person who is calling. These are numbers that are considered as automatic reverse charging so we don’t have to worry about a thing. Of course, with limitations: the company or company in charge of that 900 or 800 number can decide if it is only free for a specific city, country or region. For the rest it may cost. In general, it is normal that it is free within the same country.


Unlike the previous ones, call a number that begins with 901 is not free. It is not a call that will not cost us anything but the good news is that the cost is that of a local call as long as we make it from the landline. The current problem is that in many houses there is no landline telephone and calling a 901 number from a mobile phone can be much more expensive. The cost of the call is shared between the operator and the person making the call.


Most of us know that if we see a 902 it will be best to look for an alternative and on the Internet there are many websites where they leave us a different phone without special pricing, which is usually a phone started with 900. The call to 902 is paid in full by the person to The one that does it and they are always charged as special pricing, without being within the minutes included in our mobile rate, so we will see that it will be expensive on the bill at the end of the month. Also, they are usually lasting calls so it will take several minutes to get an answer and that will translate into a high price on the final invoice is month. Although we usually believe that they are the worst, they are not the most expensive that exist.

The difference is noticeable between calling from a landline or mobile phone and can multiply if you don’t have a landline handy. From a landline it is an interprovincial call but from a mobile it is not included in the flat rate. For example, from a landline the price would be about 50 cents for approximately five minutes but from the mobile it would arrive up to almost three euros for the same call time, as explained by the OCU.

It is usual to be forced to call these numbers for customer service but we must also take into account that some break the law making us pay for something that we have contrasted. FACUA has denounced several companies that use special pricing services to manage certain aspects that become an additional cost to users or customers for exercising the rights included in their contract with the company.


It is not usual to call 905 but maybe it sounds like something to you. You know what? From television, for example. They are mass calling services such as television contests, votes by phone to save someone on a program. The 905 numbers are intended for voting by phone and the important thing about these numbers is not in the first three (which would be 905) but in the fourth number that you have to dial. It is the fourth number that determines whether it will be very expensive or less expensive.

The higher the number, the more expensive. From 6 as the fourth number on the phone 905 … the call will be very expensive. What’s more, according to the OCU, the user must have authorized this type of service at the telephone company if you call 905 6 … … because it is a very very expensive service that you will later see reflected.


You may have seen a call to 118 on your bill and you have not made it … In those cases, they may charge us up to more than 15 euros for less than five minutes on the phone. It is a special rate number and the problem or inconvenience is that it is not always shown as such when we call. You may be calling even 900 but they are really 118 and this causes calls of twenty, thirty or even one hundred euros to spend a few minutes waiting.

There are also numbers that are shown as such and that you can call for information. These are phone information numbers that made the most sense before the Internet when we couldn’t Google a phone when in doubt. They are on television (or at least they were) and they promise to give us the number of anyone. But they are the most expensive, the most “dangerous” because its price was, until very little, very high with almost five euros for every minute in some cases.

Luckily, since 2018 there are restrictions and the rate 118 requires that a locution inform us of the prior of the call when making it and its duration is also limited to ten minutes. There are also rules that indicate that the price cannot be higher than 2.5 euros for each minute unless the user expressly authorizes it.

Find alternatives

There are many search engines that help you find alternatives to 900 numbers. They are websites that allow you to enter the number you want to call if you want to avoid special pricing or want it to be included in the number of minutes contracted.

You can search for the number on Google and it will show you 902 but you can search beyond Google, on the company’s website to see if there is an alternative in contact, for example. If you do not find any option, there are websites dedicated to this that look for valid and cheaper equivalents:, for example or that give us alternative options.

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