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Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War by Doritos Packet – WePC confirmed

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War by Doritos Packet – WePC confirmed

They say loose lips sink ships, but maybe this needs to be updated to “tortilla chips have loose lips and sink ships” because the delicious triangular snack let the cat out of the bag early, which we can expect from this year’s Call of Duty Release.

Do you imagine that the military leaders actually involved in the Cold War would have to deal with snack companies that would reveal their plans? What a nightmare that would have been.

Courtesy of a pack of Doritos discovered by, we can see that there is a cross-promotion for the new Call of Duty and Doritos chips that offer XP boosts for players who gave away with Doritos Redeem codes. We currently have no confirmation of the flavors included in this promotion, but keep our fingers crossed for Chili Heatwave.


We had a clue what the new Call of Duty title would look like before accidentally jumping the gun, but this is the next official announcement that the next Call of Duty will be released Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. I think they heard that we like subtitles, so they gave us a subtitle in addition to their previous subtitle. According to my count, this is Call 17’s main game of Call and Duty and the fifth game of Black Ops. We still don’t know if it’s a restart, similar to Modern Warfare 2019, or a direct sequel to the series. Some of the leaked level names give us an indication of the periods in which this game will take place, but we have to keep waiting if we want to hear more.

We’re not sure exactly when Activision will officially unveil this game as the E3 schedule gets out of hand this year, new consoles are on the horizon and other complications in the game are hearing more. If you’re already making promotional chip packets, there is strong evidence that you’ve locked the data and can’t be too far away. Stay with us for the latest Call of Duty news as it becomes available.

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