Can Samsung keep up now?

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OLED televisions are becoming increasingly popular. They offer many advantages compared to LCD TVs – but are also more expensive. Nevertheless, the trend towards OLED TVs continues, so that LG is now cranking up a lot. Samsung, however, takes a different path.

LG Electronics

LG doubles production of OLED panels

Anyone who has owned an OLED TV will no longer want to switch to an LCD TV. The colors and black levels are simply outstanding, so that the image quality is generally perceived as significantly better than that of LCDs. LG also sees it that way and is now focusing on the production of OLED panels. So far, the South Korean company has produced 70,000 OLED panels a month. With the new production facility, this number is almost doubled to 130,000. LG Display initially wants to produce 60,000 more OLED panels there per month, but has the option of increasing the capacity by another 30,000.

LG not only installs the OLED panels in its own TVs, it has also developed as a supplier for 19 well-known brands. These include greats like Sony, Panasonic, Hisense, Toshiba and many others. So if you treat yourself to a cheap Hisense OLED TV, you could find a high-quality LG OLED panel there. The new production facility focuses on OLED panels with a diagonal of 48 to 77 inches. So the most popular sizes are covered. Samsung also wants to say goodbye to LCD TVs, but will increasingly rely on “quantum dot” technology in the future. In the end, there are also OLED displays, but they are composed differently and should deliver an even better result in terms of colors.

Is OLED Really Better?

What do we customers get from it?

If production increases and the selection of OLED televisions increases, prices inevitably decrease. You can already get a good OLED TV from LG regularly for around 1,000 euros. LG is now increasing the number of items, so that more and more manufacturers are launching OLED TVs and the larger selection means that we simply get better prices. In addition, new models will appear faster and faster, making the predecessors even cheaper. So it will be really exciting on the TV market in the future. It is quite possible that OLED TVs will soon be just as cheap as LCD TVs. But that will certainly take a few more years. If you want to buy a TV, you can take a look at our TV purchase advice.

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