Canalys: Covid-19 pandemic causes tablet market to grow

The top 5 providers achieve double-digit growth rates. According to Canalys, tablets are budget-friendly alternatives to classic PCs, especially for households. In addition to tablets, notebooks are also benefiting from the trend to work and learn more from home.

Canalys certified growth of 26.1 percent for the global tablet market in the second quarter. Market researchers believe that the Covid 19 pandemic has boosted sales because more people are working and studying at home. Manufacturers were also able to meet the higher demand.

The top 5 providers in particular benefited from the increased interest in tablets Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and Lenovo, which each achieved double-digit growth rates. All other manufacturers together achieved a lean increase of 2.7 percent – their market share shrank from 18.1 to 14.7 percent.

Tablet market in Q2 2020 (Image: Canalys)Apple was again the market leader in the second quarter with 14.25 million units sold, albeit with a slightly declining market share. 38 percent corresponds to a minus of two percentage points compared to the same period in the previous year.

Samsung increased its sales by 39.2 percent to around 7 million units, which corresponds to a share of 18.7 percent. Huawei even increased by 44.5 percent to 4.77 million units. Canalys found 3.2 million tablets sold for Amazon. However, Lenovo posted the greatest growth with 52.9 percent. With 2.8 million tablets delivered, the Chinese company secured 7.5 percent of the market.

“The coronavirus pandemic has intensified competition for shared access to screens between household members who are forced to stay indoors. Tablets help overcome this problem by allowing each family member to have their own device. And they’re more budget-friendly than desktops and notebooks, ”said Canalys analyst Ishan Dutt. Tablets with removable keyboards would also have prevailed among users with higher productivity applications. Lenovo and Apple also showed how important it is now for PC providers to have tablets on offer.

Canalys also certifies significant growth in the PC market with 14.3 percent. However, Canalys does include tablets in its statistics. In the Corona crisis, desktop PCs were also much less in demand than notebooks. While the latter grew 24 percent, the desktop computer market shrank 26 percent.

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