Carsharing comparison: Share Now, emov, ZITY …

We can have a shared car for a few minutes to get to a specific point in the city and leave it there. A journey that can cost us just two or three euros and for which we only need a driving license and our mobile phone. Without keys or cards and with a control through the mobile phone that will allow you to open any car and close it when you leave.

What is carsharing

In almost any city in the world we can rent cars through specialized companies, although in Spain carsharing is not yet widespread in all provinces. As usual. when we rent or take cars (until now) they are for whole days or weeks on vacation and we have to go to pick up the key at a point at the airport or the station. But it is different in carsharing systems and you do not have to have it for days but you can share a car for an hour or two and you will not have to return it to the car park where you have rented it but you can leave it wherever you want, within a regulated area .

It is a car rental per minute, mostly. Most carsharing vehicles (if not all) are small cars Smart type and electric cars so they do not pollute nor do we have circulation limitations in cities that restrict traffic on specific days, such as Madrid. They are usually intended for short trips and the payment is made per minute although we will find packs or bonuses per day, per week or even quarterly. They are generally designed to move around the city and not to make road trips although there are specific services for this purpose and you can even leave Spain.

How does it work

How does this car sharing method work? All the carsharing systems that we collect in this list work through a website or application in which you must register or register to start using the service. With registration it is usual that there is an initial fee that we have to pay. From there we will only pay for the trip: there is no monthly or annual subscription, you do not have to pay a fixed fee but for minutes of use.

Once you have registered and are registered, cars are opened with the application itself without any card or key. In addition, they are not parked in a specific parking lot to which you must go, as is the case with airports or stations or dealers, but you will find them around the city. You can see what cars are near you and you can locate it through the application. Then you can leave it where you want in green areas or blue area although it will depend on the city in which you are going to use it.


  • You register in the application or web
  • Book a car that you have seen on the map
  • You open the car with your application
  • You take the key that dreams of being in the glove compartment
  • You drive through the city everything you need
  • You leave the car in a parking lot within the regulated perimeter


It is safe?

We may wonder what happens in the event of an accident, if the police stop us, etc. All company vehicles are generally covered by civil liability insurance whose price is included in the price quotas per minute. It may also worry us that we find a car in poor condition and that means that they charge us: from the application itself, in most cases, you can report flaws that you see before taking the car or after it. If you see that the damage is very large it is better to contact customer service.

Just because you have a car of this type does not mean that you can go without a license or skip security controls. In case the police stop you, you simply have to show them the driving license and the vehicle documentation that is usually in a compartment inside the car, either inside or in the trunk next to the spare wheel. It will depend on the car.

Nor, of course, should you skip the speed controls because they will identify you. The moment a radar catches you being faster than you should, you will contact the company to find out the name of the person who was driving that car at the time. This way they can notify you of the fine. Also, there will be a extra surcharge on administration costs 20 euros.


There are many advantages to having a car shared with these websites:

  • You can move around the city without having to worry about having your own car or not. You can use them only when you need to.
  • They are electric and non-polluting.
  • Parking is free anywhere, in green areas or blue areas without any problem so you can leave it on the doorstep without any inconvenience and without worrying about fines, recharging, etc.
  • It is affordable. The minute may cost you about 20 cents so it will be much more profitable than taking a taxi or an Uber.
  • They are small and manageable cars, without worrying if you are going to drive a very large car that you are not used to.
  • It’s economic regarding your own car because you will save paying parking, gasoline, taxes, insurance.
  • You can always have one nearby because they are in the city and not in specific parking lots so You will find one when you need.
  • Are available 24 hours a day.
  • You can drive 365 days a year even if there are traffic restrictions due to contamination.
  • Can drive and rent these cars any city where they are available.


Car2toGo is one of the companies More popular and the first to introduce carsharing in Spain. Since November 2019 the application went from being car2togo to be called SHARE NOW Although the application is the same, the cars or the operation. It is one of the most complete and its operation is simple:

  • You register online on the website or in the app.
    Download the app and find a car
  • Scan your permission with the app
  • Within the car2to area you can take the car you want from one point to another and leave it on any parked street.

Zone and cities

In Spain you can use it in Madrid but you can also enjoy it in other cities: Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart in Germany. Vienna, Paris, Milan, Rome, Turin or Amsterdam also have this service.

You can travel with the car2togo to another city as long as the rental starts and ends in the same city. You cannot leave the country, but you can leave the city if later you are going to return to it and leave the car within the regulated zone. Of course, you must take into account the life of the car battery because you risk running out of battery in the middle of the trip.

The area regulated by Car2togo in Madrid occupies a large part of the capital, although not all. You can use it from Usera to Sanchinarro although it is best to consult the complete map of the Madrid area from the company page and know whether or not you can get home.

Cars and fleet

We find all automatic cars with options to share a car two people or four people. The fleet that Car2togo has is more than 500 cars in Madrid:

  • Smart EQ fortwo for two people (automatic)
  • Smart EQ forfour for four people (automatic)
  • Smart fortwo ED for two people (automatic)

The three types of cars have GPS navigation so you can guide yourself well through the city even if you are in a place you don’t know. You will also find Bluetooth audio system In both Smart EQ and in the case of the Smart EQ fortwo you will find an anchor for child seats that you can include without any problem.

Sharenow - Carsharing

High fee

There is no fee you have to pay. That is, there is no monthly or annual subscription and you can use it whenever you want. You will only pay for the use you make of the cars and an initial fee or validation fee. In Spain this fee is 9.00 euros.


Cart2go (or ShareNow) is currently one of the cheapest and the best options for any car or number of occupants. The price is per minute:

  • Price that varies from 0.19 cents to 0.29 cents per minute on the Smart fortwo ED and on the Smart EQ fortwo.
  • Price that varies between 0.21 and 0.31 cents per minute If you use the Smart EQ fourfour four-seater car.

The price is estimated between these intervals because it will not always be the same when sharing cars. As they explain from the web, the lowest prices will be in an area with many vehicles and greater availability of cars. You can check the exact price from the application at the time you are going to take the car. Depending on the time and location the price per minute may fluctuate. OR there may be discounts. The rate you find when taking the car will be the one that is fixed at all times, for the duration of the journey.

Additional costs and fines

There are also additional costs that you will have to take into account if you break the company rules. For example, processing of towing operations or claims management or loss of key has a cost of 50 euros. Or the management of traffic offenses or minor offenses will cost 20 euros. You will also pay for cleaning or repair service charges if you do not comply with the terms and conditions, at a cost of 50 euros, for example.

There are charges that will cost you dearly if you do not follow the rules: The management cost will be 500 euros if you have left it outside an operating area and 250 euros if you leave it in private or underground parking. You will also pay 500 euros if you allow a person other than the authorized driver use the vehicle or 250 euros fine if you travel abroad with the car.


Emov is another of the most popular that you can use for shared cars of this type. A national company that was born as a union of Free2Move and Eysa in Spain and that became the second to arrive, although now there are many more that are available.

It has the advantage that usually we find promotions in which we get free minutes to consume later. The price is higher than in other companies although you can buy minute packs to save on your journeys. The functions are very similar to the others: cars are 100% electric, automatic and easy to drive, with a range of more than 150 kilometers and you can open the cars you find through the application as long as you have tapped on “Reserve this car”.

The keys are inside the gloveto. That is, you can open the car with the application but you will need the keys to start it. They are automatic and the trip will depend on the battery that the car has: We can consult it from the application itself or from an indicator on the dashboard. As in the previous one, you can leave the car in any public parking space as long as it is in an emov area and that it is not in an underground parking or private parking or an open area or any “abandoned” site.

Zone and cities

Emov is available in Madrid and Lisbon. It may come to more cities soon but for now we can only register and use it in the capital. From the Emov website you can find a mapa where you will find the different districts or neighborhoods of Madrid where there are cars: Centro, Retiro, Chamartín, Arganzuela, Sanchinarro or Cuatro Caminos are some of them.

Madrid - Emov

Cars and fleet

The cars that you will find in Emov are:

  • Citroën C-Zero with four real seats and automatic
  • Citroën Berlingo with three royal seats and automatic


High fee

The registration fee is 9 euros at Emov to start using any of the shared cars in the fleet, a price that you will only pay once. Although it is usual that we find special promotions where we can save this fee. As in the others, there are no monthly or additional charges.


The price of emov varies depending on the car you choose or the time:

  • 0.29 cents per minute on the Citroën C-Zero
  • 0.31 cents per minute on the Peugeot e-208
  • 49 euros if you want to have the car all day

There are also savings packs with what you will save:

  • Alcala In Pack for 40 euros and you will get 62 euros of travel credit. It allows trips for 0.20 cents per minute and is valid for one month.
  • Pacl Fuencarral for 26 euros and you get 37 euros of travel credit. You can travel for 0.22 cents a minute for a month, saving you 11 euros.
  • Malasaña In Pack Buying a voucher for 14 euros and you get 19 euros of travel credit. You can travel for 0.24 euros per minute and save 5 euros.

Emov packs - Carsharing

Additional costs

The additional costs will be borne by the customer. For example, in case of damage or accident a franchise will be applied up to a maximum of 500 euros provided the terms of use have been met. If not, the customer will take over. For example, there are charges for having an authorized driver, for leaving the vents open, for smoking or for having to request a tow truck. They all swing between 10 euros or 250 euros in the most serious cases so we had better be careful with the use.


One of the characteristics that differentiate Zity from the previous ones is that it allows up to five people in the same shared car. It is a Renault carsharing service that promises up to 300 kilometers of real autonomy in cars and works without keys or kilometer limits. Like the previous ones, at the moment it is only available in Madrid although it may soon reach more areas in Spain. You can also use it in Paris if you are going to travel, for example. The operation is similar to the others: you download the application, register, reserve your car and you can use it.

The great difference of Zity is that There is no kilometer limit or registration cost. The great advantage is the size of the car: it is larger, more people can fit, and coverage is much broader in the city of Madrid, not only limited to the capital but also to towns in the province or neighborhoods on the outskirts.

It also has some advantages like Standby option that allows you to go somewhere, leave the car for a while and return to it but without ending the rental. You are not using it and the price per minute is much lower and you know that it is there when you return to carry out any management, etc. There are also price bonuses, etc.


Zone and cities

ZITY is available in Madrid and Paris. Unlike the previous ones, it covers many more areas of the province and is not only limited to the capital. It is possible, like the others, that reach other provinces As carsharing spreads like electric scooters have gotten everywhere.

You can see the complete map on the ZITY website although we mainly find all the districts in the center but also Alcobendas, Pozuelo de Alarcón or Villa de Vallecas. About 104 square kilometers of Madrid where to leave or take cars.


Cars and fleet

The car used in ZITY is the Renault Zoe. It is a car with a trunk much larger than the previous ones and that has five seats, compared to the usual two or four seats of most services. It is a 100% electric and 0 emission car so you can drive wherever you want even if there are movement and mobility restrictions. And it has a range of around 300 kilometers in total.

Renault Zoe

High fee

There is no registration fee in ZITY and registration is free.


The price in ZITY ranges from 0.17 cents per minute to 0.31 cents per minute without limit of kilometers. It will vary according to the time, availability, etc. You can also contract or activate the STAND BY service that allows you not to end your use of the car but to park it for a time. While parked you will pay from 0.06 cents per minute to 0.12 cents per minute.

The great advantage of ZITY in price is that you have a flat rate if you are going to use it for several hours and you don’t want to pay per minute. You will save money:

  • Flat rate 1 day for 30 euros
  • Flat rate 2 days for 50 euros
  • Flat rate 3 days for 60 euros

Additional charges

If you do not comply with the terms and conditions, there are additional charges that can be for processing invoices and fines, vehicle damage, administrative surcharges … You can pay 200 euros if you allow a third party to drive the car, if you finish the trip in private or underground spaces, if you do not comply with the conditions. You will pay up to 500 euros as a surcharge for vehicle loading. Or minor fines like special cleaning or leaving the open vehicle, smoking or crane surcharge, for a minimum level of battery, for special displacement of the operator or for the immobilization of the vehicle to locate lost objects. All of them with a cost of 40 euros that will be added to the price you pay per minute or per rate.


Wible is another of the last to arrive in Madrid and has advantage that reaches the outskirts. Like the others, we hope that it will soon reach more cities. It does charge money for registration and the operation is exactly the same: you register, you have an application you can use to reserve cars and you can drive it within the area. In addition, you can rent it for several days, so it is very interesting if you are going to travel to Madrid and you need to move around the city without renting a car in the conventional way.

The cars have Zero Emissions label and it has the largest coverage area in the capital but also includesropes with specialized parking where you can leave the cars if they are nearby and you don’t want to stop to look for a free space in the blue or green area. The car is wider than others and offers a total of five seats, more spacious than other common two-seater vehicles.

Wible - Carsharing

Zone and cities

Wible is the most extensive carsharing service in Madrid. It reaches practically everywhere. “To La Moraleja in the north, Moncloa to the west, Ciudad Lineal to the east and Legazpi to the south, but also, you can also park your Wible outside this perimeter in spaces like IFEMA, Alcobendas, Pozuelo and Majadahonda ”. The downside is that for now he is only in Madrid and not in more cities so you will have to settle for these districts and towns.

One of the advantages is that you can leave Spain as long as you have prior authorization from the Customer Service. In addition, you can go to other provinces as long as you return to a point where to leave it. You can scroll more than 200 kms or more than two hours but you need to charge a deposit to guarantee payment of the service. There is also no limit on kilometers, although the price will be increased beyond 100 km per day.

Cars and fleet

The car used in Wible is a KIA Niro plug-in hybrid five-seater. It has an automatic gearbox or parking sensors to make it very easy to operate. The difference between this car and the others, 100% electric, is that it promises greater autonomy without giving up space or echo. Also, they never run out of battery thanks to the engine running.


High fee

You have to pay a registration fee of 4.99 when you download the application and start using it. In the registration information you will need to give your ID and driving license and send a selfie to validate that you are the one with the documentation.


Wible has prices per minute like the others but also very interesting packs. The price per minute It is the best option if you want to make a short trip although there are also hourly prices if you need to pick up a piece of paper, take someone somewhere and come back, etc. Or prices per day as you need or if you are going to be in Madrid on a trip. Too there is WiBLE MORE, a service that allows you to rent several days at a more affordable price and with unlimited kilometers.

  • The price per minute is from 0.25 cents to 0.31 cents
  • The price for the second and consecutive hour is 6 euros an hour
  • The price per day is 40 kilometers with 100 km included
  • He MORE WiBLE service It has a price of 34 to 38 euros per day without limit of kilometers.

There are also promotions with which you will get free minutes, for example.

Additional charges

As in the others, the fines will cost you 20 euros extra in the service for administrative management. There are also extra charges for finish the trip off the M-30 in Madrid: The additional charge for finishing the trip in Majadahonda will be € 3, in Pozuelo and Alcobendas € 2 and for doing it outside the M-30 € 1.

There are surcharges for penalties: 25 euros for administrative management of non-payment or for collection at the municipal deposit, 40 euros if you run out of fuel or for special movement of the operator, in addition to smoking. Or up to 500 euros for refueling the vehicle with the engine running or having it started, without moving it, for 2 hours. It will also be expensive to park where you should not: parking in a regulated parking or private parking costs 250 euros or allowing someone else to drive the car will cost up to a 500 euro fine.



Wishilife is like the others although it has coverage in the north of Madrid. The difference is that you will not bill per minute but for kilometers what you do And another advantage is that you can rent it directly when you arrive at the airport or even take a car if there is none nearby. You can have a car at home if you do not have one nearby and request it, which is an extra point compared to all the previous ones.

It is a more unknown but equally useful service: you can circulate and park whenever you want even if there is high pollution, it does not cost you to park in any area and cars are fully electric with four or five seats. The cars have a digital recording system through cameras installed inside to see the cabin but also the outer perimeter area. Images that will be used in the event of an accident or damage but also to guarantee its condition.

Zone and cities

Unfortunately it is only available in Madrid. You can move wherever you want in the Community of Madrid. You can move around all areas within the M30 of Madrid but also in municipalities of the Community of Madrid such as Majadahonda, Pozuelo, Boadilla del monte and Las Rozas. You can too order a car through the app and they will take you home. You can also find them at the airport.

WishiLife zone

Cars and fleet

All of them are 100% electric and with five seats:

  • Jaguar i-Pace
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Nissan Leaf
  • WV e-Golf
  • Renault Zoe

High fee

The registration fee to register is 9 euros.


Here you do not pay per minute but for kilometers. You have a kilometer calculator on the Wishilife website to calculate the price. The price is 0.80 cents per kilometer in the first 10 and 0.40 cents per kilometer thereafter. You can also contract a weekly plan of 200 euros and 100 kilometers, a monthly plan of 1,000 kilometers for 443 euros or a quarterly plan of 2,500 kilometers for 1,033 euros to use the car when you need it.

The price varies per day depending on the vehicle you rent:

  • Jaguar i-Pace for 149.90 euros per day
  • Tesla Model 3 for 99.90 euros a day
  • Nissan Leaf for 59.90 euros a day
  • WV e-Golf for 49.90 euros per day
  • Renault Zoe for 39.90 euros a day.

Extra costs

In the pricing policy you can find how much you will pay for each violation or for extras. For the service on demand you have a cost of 3.60 if you want a vehicle to take you or 5 euros if you drop it off or pick it up at the airport.

If you don’t follow the rules, the management of fines will cost you 20 euros, being the cheapest charge. Smoking in the vehicle is priced at 50 euros and the extra cleaning service charges are 40 euros. If you leave the window open or drain the battery you will also have to pay 50 euros on the final price of your trip.

If you do not report accidents you will pay 100 euros and if you allow someone else to drive you will have a surcharge of 250 euros that you will have to pay.

Wishi Life

Which to choose?

If you are going to move around Madrid to go to work or to carry out any procedure and you need a car, the best carsharing option is ShareNow (oldCar2go) Cars with small, two-seater, and it is the cheapest option and probably the one you find before because the fleet is much larger with almost a thousand vehicles. Emov is also a recommended option although with a slightly higher price per minute but with the assurance that you will always have a four-seater car and is compatible with baby seats. Both EMov and ShareNow are the most versatile options to move around the center of Madrid if you have come on vacation, if you need a car on time, if you want to get somewhere.

In case you need space and this is what will determine you to choose a carsharing service or another, ZITY is probably the most recommended with five seats and a large trunk. In addition, you have the option to rent per day if you are going to spend a weekend with the family, for example. If you want to go a little further and need the best autonomy, WiBLE offers you up to 600 kilometers and the possibility of going on a trip and even leaving Spain and returning if you communicate it. It also offers five seats and both cars, the Renault Zoe and the Kia Niro, are totally recommended options with the best possible evaluation.

Wishlife It remains as the least known but useful option for those who live in the north of Madrid or if you need to “replace” having your own car through a kind of monthly or weekly subscription with which you will know that you always have your vehicle ready or if you want to “order” it at home if there is none nearby.

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