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Cases to protect the LG Velvet from bumps and scratches

Cases to protect the LG Velvet from bumps and scratches


The korean firm LG has launched a few weeks ago the new Velvet, a phone that completely changes the design code of its phones, and that begins a new range of mid-range phones with premium aspirations. If you have decided on this mobile phone, the normal thing is that you want to always keep it as the first day, and you are covers are the most suitable.

A phone that is quite attractive in terms of design, which must be preserved in the best possible way. These cases can in many cases not only protect the phone from shocks, but also preserve its design.

Transparent with reinforced edges

This case offers great protection against shocks, among other things because it has edges that can absorb shocks very well. These are reinforced, and thanks to its transparent design we can fully boast of the design of our new LG Velvet. Therefore it stands out for good protection without giving up a good design.

LG Velvet cases

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Simulating carbon

This is one of the most common finishes, the one that offers us, for example, a carbon-like appearance, although in this case with a finish that does not take up much surface, showing itself more as a detail. This case has a very slim design, more at the top, and offers comprehensive protection. A case that conveys a certain sense of quality with this carbon simulation.

LG Velvet cases

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With reinforced corners

This is a classic, because it offers us a flexible silicone material and completely transparent. It also has reinforced corners to resist many of those accidental bumps that usually affect mainly the corners of the terminal.


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With card holder and wallet

In this case it is a case that imitates the appearance of the skin, and that has a design perfectly adapted to that of the phone. It is also very practical, since it has a card holder on the left side, and a wallet behind, while on the right side you can fully protect the color of the phone.


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Rugged with maximum protection

This is one of the classics when it comes to protecting our phone. Count with one design that imitates the drawing of a tire, to offer the best possible grip. Also in its central part it integrates a kind of base with which we can place the phone standing on any surface, and thus enjoy for example our multimedia content without having to hold the phone in our hands.


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