Cases to protect the Xiaomi Redmi 9A from bumps and scratches


This week the Chinese firm has presented in Spain its cheapest mobile, rather, a new generation of its cheapest range. It’s about the new Redmi 9A, a phone that offers us some very interesting features for the very low price it has, and that if you are going to brand new you will want to have protected with one of these covers.

If you are one of those who is going to do with this phone for just over 100 euros, the most logical thing is that you want to protect it from accidental bumps and scratches, no matter how cheap it has come out.

Double silicone case

These types of covers offer us a design with comprehensive protection, since this not only limits the protection of the back, but also the front together with the edges. All thanks to two silicone sleeves that come together in one. An excellent choice if we go to the beach or the pool with the Redmi 9A, since no sand or splashes will not be a problem.

xiaomi redmi 9a cases

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Double and reinforced

This offers us a similar design to the previous one, but with the main difference that in this case it has a ring that reinforces the union of both in the event of a fall or blow. So it is something similar to rogers, although exposing the design of this phone and protecting it 360 degrees in turn.

xiaomi redmi 9a cases

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Rugged cover

This is one of the classic covers with which we also get great protection against accidental blows. Have a tire-like design, which improves grip in all situations. It also has a perfect base to keep the device standing and not have your hands occupied in this way.

xiaomi redmi 9a cases

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Pack of nine covers

This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive options, since for the price of a cover we have no less than nine. They are all silicone, and are available in nine different colors. So much so that we have to choose a color pink, green, purple, light pink, yellow, red, dark blue, translucent or black every day.

xiaomi redmi 9a cases

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With reinforced corners

This is another classic, a transparent cover that also offers reinforced corners, thicker, which prevent damage when the phone accidentally falls on any of these corners, something that is usually common.

xiaomi redmi 9a cases

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From book with card holder

This case is already a classic, and offers us double function. On the one hand it protects from shocks, thanks to a dedicated case that opens like a book. And on the other with a card holder on the left side, with a wallet behind him.


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Written by Jorge Sanz

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