"Cash for Rares" with celebrity special editions at prime time

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At Drachenburg Castle, Horst Lichter welcomes prominent and unknown guests who want to sell their treasures.

A month after a fire at Schloss Drachenburg in Königswinter while filming, ZDF is now showing the new episodes of the junk show in the evening program. On July 22nd at 8:15 p.m. Horst Lichter invites the rarity owners to their home. Both prominent and unknown guests try to sell their private treasures for the best possible price. Who is strategically positioned in the dealer room? The prominent guest in this issue is the former ski racer Felix Neureuther, who wants to sell an artistic object.

Because of the corona regulations, the show does not only take place on site without an audience – this time, in order to be able to keep the clearances at the dealer table, only six instead of the usual seven dealers could be there. This time it’s Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz, Susanne Steiger, Julian Schmitz-Avila, Elisabeth “Lisa” Nüdling, Fabian Kahl and Daniel Meyer as well as the expert Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel and the experts Albert Maier, Sven Deutschmanek and Detlev Kümmel.

The next evening edition “Bares for Rares” follows on Wednesday, August 19 at 8:15 p.m. Then hit star Vanessa Mai wants to sell a family heirloom together with her mother-in-law Christa Vogel.

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