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Among the problems that we can find in our mobiles we see some more serious than others. Today we want to talk about one that can be one of the most annoying, it has to do with when problems occur with turning the device on or off. Today let’s see why these problems occur on LG mobiles and how to fix them.

LG mobiles have a long history of problems with the ignition and therefore with the shutdown of the phone. Not being able to turn off your mobile can be annoying, but not being able to turn it on is maybe a bigger problem. However, it is about turning it on or off, the causes are usually related to the same reasons, so the solutions are the same in both cases.

Try to turn it on or off

Hold the button down longer

It is the first solution and the one that usually gives the best result in most cases. Maybe the system has locked up and is not responding, so we can not turn it on or off as usual. To solve it, we will have to press the power button firmly and without releasing it for approximately 10 seconds, until the mobile turns off.

LG K series

Connect to power

In the next test, we will have to connect the mobile to a wall charger and wait between one and two minutes. If the LED is glowing solid amber or red, it is time to try to power on the device again. If the LED does not turn on after 1 or 2 minutes, we will have to move the wall charger to a different outlet to make sure the problem is not precisely in the usual shot.

Change the charger

It is possible that if we are using a different charger than the usual one, the charge is not taking place correctly. If our mobile is without battery, and the charger does not provide sufficient voltage, it will be impossible to turn it on. We must try to charge it with the adapter and cables that LG provided us with the mobile box.

charger lg

Button combination

If we still cannot get our LG to turn on, the brand itself recommends using the following method: we connect the mobile to the wall and hold down the power button and the two volume buttons at the same time. We must keep them pressed for one or two minutes to try to make the mobile turn on.

Mobile with removable battery

They are less and less, but there are many LG phones circulating with removable battery and some more recent models have even been launched with this type of battery, such as the LG K8 (2018). In this case we can have a little more “game” to try to make the mobile turn off or on.

Remove the battery

In this case, the shutdown is assured. When removing the battery, the board of our terminal it will not receive power and will turn off instantly. Just put the battery back on and turn on the device. If we have managed to make it turn off but it no longer turns on, the problem can branch into two possible causes:

  • Damaged battery: in this case, the best way to make a check is to examine the battery. If it is bulging, it has surely been damaged and may be the cause. We should try to put in another battery to confirm the problem, although a damaged battery should be removed immediately.
  • Power button damaged: it is a more tricky case, since we may need the help of a technician to repair it. In our hand, it is to press with an object that allows us to make more force on the power button, so as not to hurt our fingers and try to turn it on, in case the contact is unstable.

lg battery

If it turns off by itself and doesn’t turn on after

In this case we can also find possible culprits. The first has to do with the battery and can affect specific models with the LG K10. The solution is to remove the housing of the mobile and remove the battery. Then we press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge the remaining static electricity. Now we put the battery in and plug the mobile into the power to fully charge it. Then we will try to turn it on again.

Burnt plate

If in no way we can get the mobile to turn on, you can be due to a problem with the board of the same. Some veteran models like the LG G4 had this problem all over the world. If so, the warranty will be more dead than the plate, and the change can almost certainly not be worth it.

Written by David Girao

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