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Change the theme of your Gmail in 4 very easy steps

Change the theme of your Gmail in 4 very easy steps

Give a new look to the Gmail wallpaper by choosing between the themes of the platform or uploading your own photos.

Changing the appearance of Gmail, Google’s email platform, is a simple process that you can complete in just 4 steps. If you are tired of the default Gmail theme, you can easily modify it to choose other themes or even set your own images as wallpaper.

Gmail, preparing to receive a complete redesign, lets you change the theme both Android and desktop version. While the options in the app are not very wide, in the web version of Gmail you can choose from a wide variety of images to give a new look to aesthetics. Then, we explain how you can change the Gmail theme.


Change the Gmail wallpaper by choosing between different themes or uploading your own photos.

Change the theme of your Gmail in 4 very easy steps

Gmail offers different themes both on Android and on its desktop version. While users can only choose between enabling the dark, light or default theme if they use a mobile with Android 10 or higher, those who use the web version of Gmail can access a wide catalog of themes, among which dark mode is not missing and even your own images.

Obviously, in order to change the Gmail theme, you need to have a personal account on the Google service. Once that user is created, follow these 4 easy steps to change Gmail theme and thus bet on a new aesthetic.

  1. Open the web version of Gmail.

  2. Once inside the web, click on the Settings button -gear icon- located in the upper right corner.

  3. In the side menu that is displayed, look for the section “Theme” and click on the “See all” button that appears to your right.

  4. This will access the Themes menu. First, you will see the most popular themes, followed by more basic ones like the default theme or the dark theme. Can access a broader catalog by clicking on “More images” or convert your own images into themes from the “My photos” function. Attention, because you can only choose those images that you have previously uploaded to Google Photos. Just by clicking on the theme you want to set in Gmail, it will be automatically configured.

In the previous screenshots you can see in more detail what the key buttons look like in this process and what the topics page is like where you can change the appearance of Gmail. It is on this same page where you can find three options to further customize themes: text background, bullet (to darken corners), and blur.

The catalog of Gmail themes is very wide, so we recommend you to browse through it calmly until you find the image you like the most for the background of the email service. From mountains to oceans, through animals and deserts, the variety of photos is remarkable. Discover all these Gmail themes and choose the one that will accompany you in the coming months. When you get tired of it, you already know that you can change the subject again in just a few seconds.

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