Charlize Theron fights for diversity and female participation in the film industry

In the new action film “The Old Guard” Oscar winner Charlize Theron strikes with fists and weapons as a robust warrior. As a producer behind the scenes, the actress is also combative when it comes to diversity and women’s power.

“This is not a coincidence,” she told the German press agency about the variety of characters in the Netflix film with strong women, a gay couple and a black soldier. For her and her company Denver and Delilah Productions, this is “incredibly important”. “We sit down and decide that we make films differently.”

In the spring, Theron was nominated for an Oscar for the leading actress in the sexism drama “Bombshell”. Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and Theron play journalists at the conservative US broadcaster Fox News that bring their boss down. In the end, many would have been surprised that the woman-heavy film had turned out so well, sneered Theron. “Of course it works well. Because it is rich, it is amazing, that’s the way the world is, ”she affirms. She could not understand at all why diversity in the industry was no longer a matter of course.

In “The Old Guard” (available on Netflix from July 10th) Theron leads as the mysterious warrior Andy a small group of immortals.

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