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As we say, you can delete conversation history in full in individual chats, with another person. You can also delete messages you have left in public groups even if hours or days have passed since you put it if you don’t want it to appear there. And it is also interesting that you can delete the messages sent by another person and they not only disappear from your screen but will also disappear from theirs. But this has some drawbacks and it is that we have outbursts to delete something and then we do not want to do it. That is why today we review what options there are to recover deleted messages.

In advance you should know that if you have deleted a conversation on Telegram there is little solution. Usually in WhatsApp it is enough to recover the latest backup and everything is back to the way it was before. But not in Telegram, the backup copies of the messages are not stored in Google Drive nor on your phone locally so you should be especially careful with what you delete and what not.

Undo deleted messages

If you’ve done it by mistake and soon regret it, you can undo it. That is, when you delete a message on Telegram for a few seconds you will see an undo button. You can recover deleted messages on Telegram within the next few seconds. Of course, you must be very fast. You have only five seconds. You will see that when you delete a conversation an “Undo” button appears for five seconds at the bottom of the screen and you can touch it if you regretted deleting that conversation or if you accidentally clicked delete.

Messages saved in Telegram

Telegram has a Saved Messages folder that allows us to use it as a notepad and that you may not even know it is there or perhaps you have deleted it by mistake. You may have deleted it when ordering your conversations and chats and you had all kinds of important things written down. In that case, don’t worry because recovery is easy and you don’t need more than a few seconds:

  • Go to Telegram
  • Tap on the upper left corner
  • Go to your profile
  • Tap on your name and your number
  • Check your Telegram username

Once you have it, go to the Telegram chats magnifier and search for your username. Here you can enter your username in the application and your saved messages folder will automatically appear if you had deleted it.

Notification log

One of the best ways to check deleted messages on Telegram is through the notification log with a launcher or a specialized application. If your launcher installed on your mobile phone is capable of registering the notifications you receive, if that person deletes the message they have sent you, you will still be able to see them. In addition, it will not only serve you for Telegram but also allows deleted messages to be stored on WhatsApp, for example.

Notifcation History Log

Notification History Log is an application that allows you to make a record of all the notifications that reach your mobile phone or of only some applications, such as Telegram. It is a free application that you can download on android and that allows all the notifications you receive to be automatically saved in it. If someone sends you something and quickly deletes it, it does not matter if you are at the cinema or sleeping because you will see that notification stored in the Notification History Log log. Also erase notifications that do not interest you or mark automatic deletion every so often and so you won’t have to be aware of deleting the history every so often.

Notifcation History Log

It also has a pro version that allows us to silence some notifications so that they do not bother you, such as from stores or games, so you can only focus to recover deleted messages on Telegram or in messaging applications.


Nova Launcher

A more useful option is Nova Launcher, one of the essentials if you have an Android mobile phone and want to customize it to the fullest. Just install the launcher on your mobile phone. Once you have it, press and hold any part of the screen to create a widget and tap on Activities with the Nova Launcher icon. Once you have it, from the menu, go to Settings and look for the option that indicates “Notifications” or “Notification log.” Here you will be able to see what they have sent you and consult the content of the deleted messages from Telegram. Of course, keep in mind that you must have previously allowed Nova Launcher to access your notifications on the mobile phonel for this trick to make sense.

Nova Launcher

To do this, follow a few steps:

  • Go to your mobile phone settings
  • Look for the applications section
  • Tap on the apps option to see the full list
  • Find Nova Launcher in the app list
  • Accept all the permissions it asks for
    • Storage
    • Location
    • Telephone

You can now use this app to log notifications.

Export chats

Downloading chats on Telegram is not easy or not as easy as on WhatsApp, where backups can be done in a couple of taps. Here you will have to download the Telegram application for desktop whether you have Windows or Mac. It will not work with the application for mobile phones or with the web version.

Download it from the official Telegram page and you can access the settings to export the chats. With this you will not be able to recover deleted messages but you cans do a manual backup of all your data in case you lose it and want to have it stored or consult it at any time. Do not will allow you to recover them in case you delete them If you have not saved them and you will have to be aware of always having them updated but it can save you in case of important conversations or wanting to save photos, videos, etc.

  • Download Telegram on your computer
  • Write your mobile phone number
  • Confirm with the code that you will receive in the app of your Smartphone
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner of the app
  • Go to the Settings section in the Telegram menu
  • Look for the “Advanced” option in the settings in the menu
  • Here you will see the option “Export data from Telegram”
  • Tap on it to open all available options
  • You can choose what you are going to export
    • Personal chats
    • Chats with bots
    • Private groups
    • Private channels
    • Public groups
    • Public channels
    • Photos
    • Video files
    • Voice messages
    • Video messages
    • Stickers
    • GIF
    • Records
      • You can mark the maximum size limit
    • Others (active sessions or various data)
  • Choose the location and format where you want to save it
  • Choose the HTML option
  • Confirm with Export

Export data from Telegram

You will automatically see a message that tells you that you can perform data download in 24 hours. What Telegram wants with this is that nobody takes your account and downloads or exports your data without you.


For this reason, you will receive a message on all the devices registered with your account indicating that a request to export data has been received in Telegram from the device from which it was made and from the location and IP. To allow this export, you will have to access your mobile phone and go to the message with the Telegram notification. Once you have it, tap on “Allow” and the next day you will have to repeat the previous process to finally download the data and start using it.

Export data in Telegram recover deleted messages

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