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The large operators are aware of the importance of attacking the market with a multi-brand strategy that allows them to reach all segments of it. The cheap rates for fiber and mobile work very well since there are a type of clients that “go” from premium experiences and television, needing only a good fiber optic connection and a mobile rate to talk and surf without problems. That segment is the one that attacks O2, Lowi, Amena, MoreMobile, Pepephone, and now, Mobile Republic.

New fiber + mobile rates for República Móvil

Orange is now reinforced in the convergent low cost market with the launch of new fixed-mobile services through República Móvil. The launch of the new rates will take place on July 13 with fiber speeds of 100 Mbps or 500 Mbps combined with different modalities of mobile.

Mobile Republic

In addition, if we contract the 500 Mbps fiber, the gigabytes available on the mobile to browse will automatically be doubled. All rates have free installation as long as the client remains in the operator a minimum of 3 months. The router will also be free as long as we are clients.

If we only want fiber, the operator has a product for us. We can hire fiber Symmetric 100 Mbps for 25 euros or symmetrical 500 Mbps fiber for 35 euros per month. This launch of tariffs comes at the same time that the image of the operator is renewed with “a fresher and simpler graphic”.

These are the rates for República Móvil with only fiber or combined:

Rates only fiber República Móvil

  • Fiber 100 Mbps for 25 euros
  • Fiber 500 Mbps for 35 euros

100 Mbps and mobile fiber rates

  • Fiber 100 Mbps, unlimited calls and 6GB for 29 euros
  • Fiber 100 Mbps, unlimited calls and 14GB for 34 euros
  • Fiber 100 Mbps, unlimited calls and 25GB for 39 euros

500 Mbps fiber and mobile rate

  • Fiber 500 Mbps, unlimited calls and 12GB for 39 euros
  • Fiber 500 Mbps, unlimited calls and 28GB for 44 euros
  • Fiber 500 Mbps, unlimited calls and 50GB for 49 euros

What do you think of the new proposal for República Móvil?

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