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Saturn has started the so-called “Storage Knall Days” again and is offering different storage media for a week at a reduced price during the campaign. Among other things, you will find SSDs, external hard drives, microSD cards and USB sticks on the promotional page. We have selected the most important information and checked some deals for you.

Recently, Saturn and MediaMarkt have literally been fighting a storage battle with various deals and promotions on SSDs, HDDs and other storage media.

During the “Storage blast days” at Saturn In addition to the existing highlight offers, you will receive new deals every evening from 6 p.m., which will only apply until the following day at 9 a.m. So you should be quick here. The weekly highlights are free of shipping costs. For short-term deals, the cost of ordering online varies. We have estimated some interesting offers for you below.

Danger: All items are usually available while stocks last enough and at the latest until 03.08.2020, 09:00 a.m..

SSD for PC and console: 512 GB SanDisk Ultra 3D for 55.23 euros

SANDISK Ultra® 3D Solid State Drive, 512 GB SSD, 2.5 inch, internal

SANDISK Ultra® 3D Solid State Drive, 512 GB SSD, 2.5 inch, internal

The Ultra 3D series from Sandisk is placed in the middle class SSD. It is predestined for system drives on the PC, but also as an additional disk for larger data such as games or video files that you need quick access to. If you want to reduce the boot and loading times of your PS4 (Pro) or breathe new life into an old laptop, the SanDisk Ultra is also a good option. The 512 GB SSD SanDisk Ultra you get over one Direct deduction now for only 55.23 euros at a great price. Only in the shopping cart will the 10 euros be deducted. This offer is worthwhile.

External hard drive for backups: 8 TB Western Digital My Book at the current top price for 135.50 euros

WD My Book ™, 8 TB, 3.5-inch, hard drive, black

WD My Book ™, 8 TB, 3.5-inch, hard drive, black

With the 8 TB Western Digital My Book you get a big external hard drive for 135.50 euros, which is particularly suitable for backups of photo and video collections or complete operating systems. The right software is included in the package with “WD Backup” and “WD Security”. The price is impressive. After a long time, the HDD is cheap again.

If you have no idea how your PS4 can benefit from an SSD, we will show you the advantages and the procedure for installing it in this video:

microSD memory card: SanDisk Ultra 200 GB for 24.37 euros

If you are looking for a reliable branded memory card, you can either choose Samsung or SanDisk. The 200 GB SanDisk Ultra micro SDXC card (Class 10 / UHS-Class 1) you get during the campaign for 24.37 euros. This is not a new top price, the SD card was already cheaper. If you now need a memory expansion for the Nintendo Switch or your cell phone, you can buy this card from Saturn at a fair price.

SANDISK Ultra® microSDXC ™ UHS-I, 200 GB, Micro-SDXC, memory card, 100 MB / s

SANDISK Ultra® microSDXC ™ UHS-I, 200 GB, Micro-SDXC, memory card, 100 MB / s

More storage offers

There are other products on the Saturn landing page that can be worthwhile – external hard drives, USB sticks and other SSDs. Because the offers change frequently, it is worthwhile to have a look regularly.

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