Cheap microSD card for Nintendo Switch & Handy

With a large microSD card, the memory of cell phones, tablets, cameras or the Nintendo Switch can be expanded cheaply. If you are looking for a deal for a suitable SD card, you can currently go to Amazon: There you can get the SanDisk Ultra with 256 GB at a particularly attractive price.

256 GB microSD card greatly reduced: SanDisk Ultra now at Amazon at the best price

SanDisk Ultra 256GB MicroSDXC memory card + SD adapter with A1 app performance up to 100 MB / s, class 10, U1

SanDisk Ultra 256GB MicroSDXC memory card + SD adapter with A1 app performance up to 100 MB / s, class 10, U1

Update from July 30th, 2020:

You can find them on Amazon 256 GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card For only 24.99 euros currently at a new low price. According to, the microSDXC card suitable for cell phones and consoles (e.g. Nintendo Switch) has never been cheaper.

Original article from 07/17/2020:

No matter whether it is music, videos or downloads on the Nintendo Switch, such files quickly occupy the majority of the available space on the fast and expensive internal storage. The remedy here SanDisk Ultra A1 microSDXC memory card with 512 GB create. This is current for only 66.90 euros available at Amazon at a great price and offers enough space to outsource the storage-hungry files. As usual, the adapter for use in conventional SD card slots is included.

The price comparison via shows that you can strike calmly if you have been waiting for a deal for the SD card. The next best offer is 74.92 euros. Usually you pay over 80 euros for this version of the SanDisk card.

The most important features of the SanDisk Ultra with 512 GB at a glance:

  • Memory size: 512 GB
  • Read speed: 100 MB / s
  • Bus interface: UHS-I
  • SD Speed ​​Class: 10
  • UHS Speed ​​Class: U1
  • Application performance class: A1
  • Manufacturer guarantee: 10 years

SanDisk Ultra A1 with 512 GB: For most applications with restrictions

While SanDisk states a read speed of 100 MByte per second for its Ultra A1, the manufacturer does not give any specific data on the write speed. The rating of the card offered only sets a minimum write speed of 10 MB per second. It is therefore not advisable to use it in cameras that record in 4K, for example. The same applies to the use in computers when the writing speed plays an important role.

On the other hand, if you only want to move music files or films and TV series from the fast hard drive or SSD to make space there, you can be happy with the SanDisk Ultra A1. For example, owners of older Macs who still have an SD card slot can use this card to store larger media data there. All fans of the Nintendo Switch can also access it here. The speed of the SD card is also sufficient for the compact console.

The same applies to the use in Android smartphones that have a corresponding slot for a microSD card. Here, too, the available storage space can be increased quickly and inexpensively using such a card.

Since SanDisk is a well-known manufacturer, you can rely on the manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years in the event of a defect. Many low-cost providers like to save in this area.

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