Cheap mobiles will change forever thanks to Google

From now on, any device that launches with Android 10 and 2 GB of RAM (or less) must use Android Go.

A few years ago Google announced a modified version of Android for low-end mobile devices, called Android Go. A version designed for those devices that incorporate 1 GB of RAM, or even less. However, it seems that cheap mobiles will change forever thanks to the Mountain View company.

After releasing a few days ago Android 11 Beta 2, which incorporated a series of small improvements; now it seems that Google is planning to make that Android Go is a requirement for newly released devices with 2 GB of RAM, or less. That is what a leaked copy of the “Device Configuration Guide for Google’s Android 11 Go edition” (dated April 24, 2020) points to, as reported by XDA.

Android Go

Android Go will hit phones with 2GB of RAM or less.

Android Go is a special edition of the operating system It has enough modifications to be able to run and offer a good performance, even in the cheapest terminals of humble technical section. This system is made up of three basic pillars, but now it has a series of new requirements:

  • Starting with Android 11, devices with 512 MB of RAM (including updates) are not qualified to preload GMS.
  • All new PRODUCTS starting with Android 11, if they have 2 GB of RAM or less, MUST be true for the ActivityManager.isLowRamDevice () API and start as an Android Go device.
  • Starting in the fourth quarter of 2020, all new PRODUCTS starting with Android 10, if they have 2GB of RAM or less, MUST be true for ActivityManager.isLowRamDevice () API, and released as an Android Go device.
  • Previously released 2GB RAM devices in standard GMS configuration MUST NOT be converted to Android Go configuration via MR or lyrics updates. They will remain standard Android.

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Any device that is released with Android 10 and 2 GB of RAM (or less) must use Android Go

Android Go

Android Go, a way to bring Android to low-end devices.

Therefore, from the new requirements it is clear that from the fourth quarter of 2020 all new Android 10 devices that are released to the market with 2 GB of RAM (or less) they must use Android Go. Also, any other device that starts with Android 11 and also has the same RAM settings, you will need to use Android Go. A decision by Google that will change cheap mobiles forever.

At the moment no more details are known about it, and there is still a need to Google to rule on it to confirm or deny this series of requirements, since for now all the information has come through that leaked document and there is no official status. It only remains to be attentive to any movement by the Mountain View company to know all their plans.

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