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To give you a better idea of ​​what the other switches in the Cherry MX ranks offer, we have given you a brief overview of the individual switches below. If you’re still not sure which switch is right for you, the following may help you to finalize that decision.

Cherry Mx Green

Click, tactile and extremely robust. These switches offer an actuation force of 80 cN and a forward stroke of 2.2 mm and are indeed equipped with a very noticeable click characteristic.

Cherry Mx Clear

These non-clicking switches offer good precision with a low actuation force (65 cN). Combine the small forward stroke with the tactile switching characteristics and the above-average actuation force for a very pleasant typing experience.

Cherry MX gray

In the absence of a better term, this is the non-clicking alternative to the Cherry MX Greens. They offer the same actuation force (80 cN), a similar travel distance and the same pleasant tactile switching characteristics that everyone loves.

Cherry MX “Silent Red”

The completely silent iteration of the red variant that so many have come to love over the years. This switch offers soft and quiet key actuation that is sure to please the most critical typists. With the same light actuation force as the red tones, the quiet red tones go one step further by reducing the stroke by 0.1 mm per spring travel.

Cherry Mx Speed ​​Silver

Cherry’s MX Speed ​​Silver switches pretty much do what they say they do. They provide quick action for the most competitive players. In addition to the smallest feed path of a Cherry MX switch, these linear switches offer non-clicking actuation.

Cherry MX blue

Last but not least, the perfect keyboard switch for the quiet office – Cherry MX Blues. All jokes aside, this is one of the few click switches that Cherry makes. They provide beautiful, audible actuation that requires 60 cN actuation force. With a forward stroke of 2.2 mm and an above-average actuation force, these are a great switch for typists.

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