China, that country in which half of the mobiles are from Huawei

Despite the fact that in many western countries the situation of Huawei is not the best, in its country of origin China, its figures are being crazy and almost reach half of the market share.

Despite the fact that the Chinese firm Huawei in certain western countries are not doing particularly well due to the vetoes of the United States, his situation in his native country is insurmountable.

In China, Huawei dominates the market for smartphones with an iron fist, and according to a latest Counterpoint report, the Asian giant owns almost half of the smartphone market share.

Huawei is unrivaled in China

Huawei China Figures

Huawei’s sales in China mark historical figures

And it is that Huawei has no rival in China. Today the firm represents 46% of all smartphone sales in that country. That is, Huawei adds more representation than its maximum combined rivals (Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi). As if that were not enough, their numbers mark a historic achievement, 14% higher than during 2019.

Furthermore, Huawei has also become strong in China thanks to 5G. According to this study, the firm has 60% of 5G devices In the Asian country where the technology is, it seems to be much more established than in other countries, since according to the latest statistics, one in three smartphones sold in China supports 5G networks.

Without a doubt this is a breath of fresh air for a brand that is not having anything easy. We were able to test their new devices first hand, and although phones like the Huawei P40 seemed almost outstanding to us, not having Google services can throw back most consumers.

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