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Chinese critical: Pop star Zara Larsson no longer advertises for Huawei

Chinese critical: Pop star Zara Larsson no longer advertises for Huawei

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The Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson (“Lush Life”) no longer wants to work with the Chinese mobile giant Huawei.

Only today has Huawei introduced its new gaming platform GameCenter and advertised it properly. Zara Larsson has also promoted the Chinese company in the past. But that’s over now:

“When I look back at this, from a professional and personal perspective, it wasn’t the smartest deal I’ve made in my career,” said the 22-year-old on Tuesday morning television from Swedish broadcaster TV4. “We know that the Chinese state is not a nice state. I don’t want to support what they’re doing. ”That is why she ended her collaboration with Huawei months ago. “Everyone who knows me knows that I stand for human rights,” said Larsson.

The blonde Swede is a popular advertising face that has already stood in front of the camera for various international companies. In 2019 she was also seen in a commercial and other advertising for a new Huawei smartphone. Larsson was criticized for this in an opinion published on Tuesday by the newspaper “Expressen” – with reference to the situation of the Uighurs in China.

According to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, hundreds of thousands of Uighurs in northwest China are being held in camps. The Muslim minority feels oppressed by the ruling Han Chinese economically, politically and culturally. Beijing accuses Uyghur groups of separatism and terrorism. China is currently also criticized for its actions against democracy activists in Hong Kong.

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