Choosing image quality on Netflix

As long as you have a compatible plan, a device that allows it and a good Internet connection, you can choose Netflix image quality to watch a movie, series, documentary …

How do I know if I can watch in HD or 4K UHD?

It will depend on several factors:

  • Have a compatible plan
  • You have a compatible device
  • That you have configured it
  • Have a good connection that supports streaming

To know if you have a compatible plan you must have the Standard or Premium plan that allow you two or four simultaneous screens and are priced at 11.99 or 15.99 euros per month. Only with these two will HD content be compatible and not if you have the Netflix Basic plan that only allows one screen for 7.99 euros.

In the case of the device, you can make sure if it plays videos with 720p quality or higher but if you do not know it, you can search the specifications on the Internet, consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual, etc.

You should also check to see if your connection is supported and generally any connection speed of 5 megabits per second or higher allows HD content. If you want Ultra HD quality content, Netflix recommends 25 megabits per second. If you want less, any type of Internet connection will suffice.

Configure quality

You can adjust the settings and playback of Netflix. There are titles on the streaming platform that They are compatible with HD quality. In that case, if your plan allows it and your speed, you can reproduce them like this. But if it doesn’t detect it automatically, you can configure Netflix to adjust the playback quality.

There are four types of reproduction on Netflix:

  • Automatic, with default data quality and video usage
  • Low, with basic video quality and up to 0.3 GB per hour
  • Medium, with standard video quality and up to 0.7 GB per hour
  • High, with optimal video quality, up to 3GB per hour in HD and up to 7GB per hour if you have an Ultra HD compatible device.

Netflix image quality

Set up playback on Netflix

  • Go to the website
  • Login with your email and password
  • Access your profile if there are several created
  • Select the “Account” option
  • Enter the section “My profile”
  • Choose the “Playback Settings” section
  • Go to “Data usage”
  • Select “Stop” from the dropdown
  • Confirm by clicking on the “Save” button

Please note that you can choose Netflix image quality but it will only apply to the profile itself. If you have several different profiles created, you will have to apply the changes one by one, repeating the previous steps.

And in 4K UHD?

Can play Netflix content in 4K UHD As long as you have a compatible device, one of the plans mentioned above and you have configured your profile to play in the highest quality possible. It is also essential that you have a fiber optic connection that supports UHD or 4K.

To find this type of titles you can write 4K or UltraHD in the search engine of the application or the web. There is no specific section to show the series or content available, but if you have a compatible device and search for those acronyms in the search engine, titles, series and movies will appear, which you can see with maximum quality. You can also detect it by finding an Ultra HD icon in the profile or The datasheet of each content although you will only see it if you are on a screen that allows you to reproduce this quality and, remember, you have enough connection, a compatible plan and you have configured the option High in the quality of reproduction.

Choose the download quality

Netflix also allows you to configure the video quality of the download from mobile and tablet applications. This you will not be able to configure from the web through your profile but you will have to download the app and go to the settings.

Unlike the online version, there is only two download quality options:

  • Standard, Faster downloads that take up less storage space in the internal memory of your phone or tablet.
  • High, which takes up more storage space

If you want the best streaming quality of Netflix in downloaded series, you can follow some quick steps to configure it:

  • Go to the Netflix app for iOS or Android
  • Open your profile
  • Click on the three lines in the lower right corner … “More”
  • Go to menu
  • Choose the “Application Settings” option
  • Look for the Downloads section
  • Opens “Download video quality”
  • Check the option “High”
  • Close the app and try the downloads again


Now you will have better playback quality on Netflix in offline titles.

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