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Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy back in the cinema

Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy back in the cinema

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In order to shorten the waiting time for the next masterpiece by Christopher Nolan, the “Batman” trilogy at Cinemaxx returns to the big screen across Germany – also in the original versions.

“Tenet”, the new film by Christopher Nolan, is finally due to be released in August. In addition to cult films such as “Inception”, “Memento”, “Dunkirk” or “Interstellar”, Nolan is best known for the “Batman” films.

Starting tomorrow, July 9th, Cinemaxx will be showing exactly these three films across Germany in order to shorten the waiting time for fans: “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” – on selected dates also in the original English version.

The worldwide celebrated Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale as the dark knight is considered one of the best comic book adaptations of all time – and not only because of Heath Ledger’s legendary appearance as a joker in “The Dark Knight”.

If you do not want to miss the pre-sale start for Nolan’s sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet”, you can activate the Cinemaxx ticket alert – you will receive a notification as soon as tickets are on sale.

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 9th, Cinemaxx will show the “Batman” trilogy again in the cinema. All dates and information can be found on the CinemaxX website. Tickets are available in advance for just under 5 euros.

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