Chrome 86 for Android enables delayed downloads

Google is currently testing the function in the Canary Channel. Downloads can generally only be carried out in the WiFi network or at any later time. The Chrome 86 final is currently expected in early October.

Google is apparently working on a new function of his Android-Browsers Chromethat should allow users to postpone downloads to a later date. On the one hand, they can initiate a download at any time and, on the other hand, prevent the downloaded content from, for example, burdening an expensive data volume.

Google Chrome (Image: Google)The function was discovered by Reddit users in the Canary build of Chrome 86 for Android. It should reach the stable channel, i.e. the general public, in early October.

Users who want to postpone a download therefore have several options. Instead of downloading a file immediately, you can set the download to run as soon as your device connects to a WLAN. Alternatively, a date and time can also be set.

In addition, it should also be possible to generally start downloads only via a WLAN network. In this case the dialog for postponing a download would no longer appear.

According to Tech Dows, work on the new feature has only started in the past few weeks. It is said to be still unstable at the moment. Tech Dows only managed to postpone a download once.

Chrome for Android is also trying to reduce data consumption with the Lite Pages function introduced last year. It is also said to help reduce loading times for HTTPS websites. Previously, Chrome only supported this feature for HTTP pages. However, the lite mode means that parts of the data traffic are routed via Google servers, which render the “simplified” representation of the websites. A similar technique has been supported by Opera’s Opera Mini mobile browser for several years.

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