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Chrome for Android now allows you to use your fingerprint to pay in stores

Chrome for Android now allows you to use your fingerprint to pay in stores

You no longer need to write the CVC code of your card every time you want to pay on a website: your fingerprint will suffice for Chrome.

From today, Google Chrome for Android it’s a browser a little more secure– The application has been updated to include the fingerprint verification or facial recognition when autocompleting the data of a saved credit card to make payments in online shops.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to have to enter the three-digit CVC card code every time you want to use to carry out a transaction through the browser. It will be enough with place the footprint on the reader, or with showing our face to the facial recognition system. It will depend on the biometric technology that integrates each device.

Verification by fingerprint in Google Chrome

This is the Chrome fingerprint verification window on Android.

Chrome will no longer ask you for the CVC code of your cards

The company itself has announced this novelty through the official Chromium blog, noting that every time a website requests to enter the details of a debit or credit card, the browser will display a new popup menu similar to the one that appears when we want to log in with our fingerprint in an application. According to Google, this novelty enables “one-hand access” without having to enter additional data.

Broadly speaking, it is a system similar to the biometric verification method included in Chrome a year ago, which allows authenticate on the websites that support it using only the fingerprint or face. It is necessary to mention that, as with this new tool, only terminals such as the Pixel 4 and 4 XL include facial recognition systems that are secure enough to be supported by the API that handles biometric access on Android devices.

New Chrome verification window

Chrome will make it easier for you to sign in with your Google account on the websites.

Chrome team claims this verification method is already active in the browser, even if the update that implements it is on its way to Android devices through a Chrome update that will be arriving throughout these weeks. In addition, they point out that they are working on new similar functions that will be available over the months.

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