Chrome for Android will have a download scheduler

One of the applications that is used the most on mobile phones is the web browser. It is normal, it is the door to the Internet for everything that we do not have in a previously installed application.

In Android we have hundreds of different options that adapt to all users but the vast majority use Chrome, the default Google browser that works quite well.

However, there are things for which we need external applications, such as schedule a download for a specific time if we don’t want to do it on the go.

Download schedule is coming to Chrome for Android shortly

Taking that into account, it is good news what they have found in Techdows, a function that allows you to program downloads from the browser for the moment you choose.

Chrome for Android will have a download scheduler

As seen in the screenshots, we can choose a date in the future for the mobile to automatically download the files, but we can also choose the way in which we want them to be downloaded.

This is especially interesting because many times we don’t want to download heavy files to avoid spending our monthly data bonus. So, we can tell the browser programmer to download not on a specific date, but when it detects that we have connected to a Wi-Fi network.

At the moment we can test this function in Chrome Canary if we activate the corresponding options within the settings flags.

If we want to use this function in the main browser in its stable version, we will have to wait a few weeks, which is what Google usually takes since we see the new options in the versions of Chrome for development until they are implemented on a massive level.

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