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Classic radio stations in Germany continue to have a large audience – however, according to the survey figures, with a slightly declining trend.

Around 52.8 million people, ages 14+, switched on the radio between Monday and Friday, as can be seen from the representative survey presented by the Media Analysis Working Group (agma) in Frankfurt on Wednesday.

In the previous survey, which was published in April, there were still around 53.3 million. The numbers reflect all distribution channels of the classic radio stations, i.e. the Internet as well as the car radio and a radio.

The figures do not represent a special effect due to the Corona crisis – they were collected in two waves until the end of March and thus only overlap marginally with the time of the large contact restrictions in this country. The Board of Directors Radio / Audio of agma, Jan Isenbart, also assumes that increasing usage in the streaming area and a slight decrease in listening to the car radio through lockdown and home office “could have been currently balanced”.

According to the survey, the length of stay at classic radio stations is also declining slightly. From Monday to Friday, the age group 14 and older listened 253 minutes on an average day, 3 minutes less than before.

For the study, agma had more than 67,000 people aged 14 and over nationwide asked about their preferred channels. The network of media and advertising industries determines the reach for the broadcasters twice a year.

According to agma, ARD’s public service programs are still at the forefront: around 36.1 million people tuned in according to the latest figures – about 150,000 fewer than in the previous survey. The difference is greater for private broadcasters. Here the number dropped by around 870,000 to around 28.6 million.

For the first time, the survey also covered the podcast area – audio and video contributions available on the Internet apart from current programs. According to this, 22.3 percent of the German-speaking population have already used podcasts. In the important target group of 14 to 49 year olds, it was 33.5 percent.

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