Climacell is a weather app with hyper accurate forecasts

Few devices help us as much to know the weather as our smartphones. In the Google Play Store we have hundreds of weather applications that adapt to all uses.

Today we want to tell you about a call Climacell, that we liked for incorporating some functions that we have not seen in other apps and that may be of interest in the summer time in Spain.

Very accurate forecasts

Climacell is a weather app with hyper accurate forecasts

One of the peculiarities of this application is that it could give us the weather in a very detailed way for the next three hours. In addition, we can activate alerts so that the mobile alerts us when it starts and stops raining, snowing …

The activity warning system allows us to program the sport or the actions that we are going to do and the app tells us at what time of the day it is best to do it. For this, it takes into account the temperature, humidity, if it is going to rain, etc.

The interface is very detailed and we have a lot of information in the five main sections. We can even see the weather street by street, so as not to be disappointed to see a global forecast in a municipality and verify that, precisely in our area, this is not the case.

Synchronization with calendar

Climacell is a weather app with hyper accurate forecasts

Another of the most curious functions is the synchronization with our Google calendar, so that we are notified of the weather directly in that application, without having to do anything.

The application is free and has no ads, although an integrated purchase that activates the mode Premium. That option is the one that integrates the minute-by-minute measurement for three hours or the notifications on the mobile.

In the settings we can make some modifications, such as choosing the units of measurement, activating the dark mode …

Climacell is a weather app with hyper accurate forecasts

Climacell It is an application that will be interesting for those who want to have more control over the meteorological aspects than most of the weather apps do.




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