Close pirated IPTV in Italy to see DAZN, Sky, Mediaset and Infinity

There are legal alternatives to pay less for these services, such as the possibility of sharing a DAZN account or the like. However, more and more are opting to hire pirated IPTV, a type of service with a very low fee that allows us to access thousands of channels or content on demand. The advantages over other illegal systems for watching television are its requirements, requiring only an Internet connection and a compatible application.

72 raids in an investigation that began in 2019

Italy and Spain anti-piracy operations focus when it comes to IPTV. In this case, a coup was just announced against a large network that provided access to pirated content from DAZN, Sky, Mediaset and Infinity. Although they have not given too much detail about it, it seems that they also offered access to Spotify with a much lower fee.

deco iptv police pirate

The operation began in 2019 and has ended with several arrests, raids and blocked domains. A significant number of web pages have been blocked, although the names have not been disclosed. Also prepaid cards. In total, 72 raids in 32 Italian provinces affecting 71 people.

Users paid about 10 euros a month in prepaid cards to access services. It is estimated that the pirated IPTV platform had some 65,000 clients. This was possible thanks to 22 people dedicated to deciphering the encrypted signals from the platforms and distributing them over the Internet. Nor have any further details emerged about these individuals.

Obviously, 48 resellers of the services have also fallen, having obtained a total of 65,000 customers. At the moment, it is unknown if the Italian police will take action against the clients, something that did happen at the beginning of the year with 223 people. It is estimated that those responsible for the organization won A million euros a year only with subscriptions.

According to the latest figures, pirated IPTV continues to grow. In 2019 it represented 10% and a fourth of the piracy cases. Currently, that number must be increased considerably. In addition, it has managed to unite both the classic actors in the fight against piracy (film producers and the like), with other organizations such as streaming platforms or professional sports leagues such as soccer, basketball and motorsports.

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