Closed Beta announced for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Eager players can apply later this month to learn about Microsoft’s ambitious new flight simulation early on. This is the first major entry in Microsoft’s Flight Series Simulator since Flight Simulator X in 2006. Therefore, hardcore fans of flight simulators are understandably more than a little enthusiastic about the upcoming release.

Along with an update to the current alpha build, Microsoft has announced that the closed beta will be released on July 30th. Current participants in the closed alpha are automatically registered for the beta. Anyone who wants to sign up for it can do so by following these instructions.

As much as the high-tech simulation of all the complex physics and nuances of controlling an airplane is critical to building a great flight simulator, one of the most striking elements of the new Microsoft flight simulator is that it looks in motion. It’s not the most eye-catching game, and it’s clear that they are all about authenticity and accuracy, but the calm and serene mood when you’re flying in the air really captures the beauty of the flight. The lighting, the advanced weather simulation, the attention to detail on the surface of the earth and the accuracy of how the planes look and move really differentiate them from previous flight simulators. Of course, these interface elements are not the most important aspects of a flight simulator, but they may attract new players who have previously used a flight simulator, but are attracted to the beautiful presentation here.

The Flight Simulator team takes a lot of feedback on board during the development of the Alpha, with player notes and bug reports being somewhat remedied by the extensive list of changes made in the last update on the Flight Simulator blog. There is also a fantastic storefront with videos and screenshots taken during the beta, showing how this game is not only an effective tool for learning airplane flying, but also a way to engage in virtual tourism in which you can see the world from the security of your own home.

If you’re a passionate flight simulator fan who wants to use them again with the upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, here are detailed system requirements. If you want to upgrade your rig specifically for ascending to heaven, our building instructions will give you advice on getting started.

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