Closure and use of pirated IPTV to spread anti-piracy warning

The big problem, for those who fight pirated IPTV, is its ease of access. An Internet connection and one of the IPTV applications for Smart TV, mobiles or any other type of device is enough. From there, you contract a service through the Internet and you start enjoying pay television for much less money. Doing away with the main suppliers, and not so much with the resellers, is the obsession of justice in recent months.

Hitting pirated IPTV in England and Ireland

Despite the fact that in early June when the Spanish National Police It closed 1,000 pirated IPTV websites with 40,000 channels and 2 million customers, it has not affected too much the piracy scene in the old continent. This operation was carried out at the European level with the participation of various security forces and bodies, but also worldwide with the collaboration of the United States and Canada.

Now, a new operation has been registered in Hollesley, in Suffolk, on suspicion of being responsible for a pirated IPTV. The novelty of the case is that the UK police have used their own infrastructure to broadcast streaming content to issue an anti-piracy notice to all customers. This is the message that they have been able to see when turning on their “retransmissions”.


This is the first time that the UK police have used this techniquealthough it may continue to do so in the future. In fact, in other countries it is more common for such messages to be displayed to warn users of their illegality. In addition to that, the operation has been completed with the seizure of several luxury vehicles. Detainees are accused of money laundering and fraud against intellectual property.

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