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Cloud Imperium Games announce roadmap for Squadron 42 – WePC

Cloud Imperium Games announce roadmap for Squadron 42 – WePC

With that in mind, Cloud Imperium Games have announced that they are preparing to announce a roadmap that will hopefully culminate in a Squadron 42 release date. These are some limitations, and figuring out the exact meaning of these messages may be a delicate matter.

Their last update, which explains why they haven’t offered enough updates in the past, feels like “sorry the dog ate my development update” with a mix of excuses and distractions. It culminates in the following four-stage roadmap:

Explain the goals of our new roadmap and what you can expect from it
Show a rough model of the proposed new roadmap
Share a work-in-progress version of the roadmap for at least one of our core teams
And then finally the transition to this new roadmap

Each of these steps takes “a few weeks”, so the exact time can be between one or two months and over a year. How many are “few”?

They don’t really want to attribute bad will to these delays and communication errors, but if they literally have a section on their website that proudly indicates that they have received over $ 300 million in crowdfunding, mainly based on the promises they made have been thinking about how these projects would develop, it raises a few eyebrows.

If the game comes out and it’s a well-received successful product, the problems that led to its release will certainly be largely forgiven and forgotten, but at least for the moment paying customers are getting frustrated, and maybe it is the time to keep promises made a long time ago.

A lot of criticism might be raised if they accepted that they would not keep their promises for Squadron 42 if they might offer refunds to angry supporters, but that is not currently offered or even discussed. You now have money for supporters and cannot be forced to return it without legal intervention.

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