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Coffee & pleasure 1/2020 – finally relaxation!

Coffee & pleasure 1/2020 – finally relaxation!

We take you on a journey through the world of culinary delights of everyday life. In addition to coffee and tea enjoyment, it’s all about chocolate and Italian pasta.

The sky is blue, the birds are chirping and yet everything is so different this year than in the years before. Who is surprised? What an eventful month that was behind us! We sincerely hope that you came through the crisis unscathed. If the vacation this year cannot take place as before, each of us now needs some relaxation, well-being and enjoyment of this beautiful season. All of us are granted!

We have put together an entertaining reading for you on 84 pages and take you on an interesting journey through the world of culinary delights of everyday life. This time it’s not just about enjoying coffee and tea, but also about delicious chocolate, Italian pasta and the spicy world of exotic spices.

According to our motto, it should of course be possible to smell the beloved hot drinks in your four walls. We have again tested numerous devices for your enjoyment. For the best coffee at home, we took a closer look at seven electric coffee grinders, nine filter coffee machines, five portafilter machines, three fully automatic machines, six milk frothers, three cold brew – and four French Press coffee makers.

Those who maintain tea culture at home can experience nine kettles without temperature selection, eight with temperature selection and five tea makers in the comparison test. Two featured hot water dispensers could help you save energy. A test of five thermo cups provides information on how your preparations can still be enjoyed hot throughout the day.

“Coffee & Pleasure” is available exclusively as part of the e-paper flat rate with many other magazines at Readly.

Output tests


  • Sweet seduction: Chocolate good, all good
  • Sweet treat: Homemade fruit spread
  • Where the pepper grows: The world of exotic spices
  • My own piece of Italy: Pasta for every situation

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