Collaboration tool with new functions: What Microsoft Teams can do until 2021

For many employees in Germany, working in the home office is still part of the “new normal” of everyday work in times of the corona crisis. Business trips and personal meetings were replaced by video conferences. Tools such as WebEx, Zoom or Microsoft Teams are now a matter of course for home workers.

But especially with Microsoft teams, many mobile worker missing and missing features that have long been standard with competing products – such as their own picture backgrounds or the scalability of the participants. Criticisms that do not go unheard at Microsoft. For example, the company improved in April with an update and introduced the possibility of its own background (see also our tips collection “Use Microsoft Teams optimally”). But that’s not all.

Microsoft plans a whole bunch of new features for its collaboration platform by the end of the year. The roadmap provides over a dozen new features that make working together more agile and create more connection in virtual teams and thus take the reality of a hybrid work model into account. The innovations include:

Together fashion

This function places all participants in a team meeting using artificial intelligence (AI) against a common background. Not only would users feel like they were sitting in the same room as their colleagues, they could also focus better on the faces and body language of others. According to Microsoft, Together Mode with auditorium view is currently being introduced. It will be generally available from August. A blog post in English on using Together Mode can be found here.

Dynamic view

This innovation is intended to make team meetings more interactive and dynamic. The company is improving the viewing options for this. AI-assisted gives users more control over how shared content and other participants are displayed in a meeting. In future, new controls can also be used to dynamically adapt the view to your own preferences and needs, and for example shared content and certain participants can be displayed side by side. Dynamic View builds on the improvements for meetings that were announced last month: the large gallery view enables videos of up to 49 people to be viewed simultaneously in a meeting. There is also the option of dividing the participants into smaller groups. For this purpose, the meeting organizer creates virtual side rooms.

Live subtitles and transcriptions

Live subtitles in teams should make it easier to track meetings in the future. These subtitles should also be supplemented with the names of the speakers. Later, it is also planned to translate the live subtitles so that users can follow them synchronously in another language. Over the course of the year, Microsoft said teams will also have live translations that support participants in multilingual meetings. These text insets are also automatically saved in the chat window of the meeting and can be called up afterwards.