Comedian Fips Asmussen dies – DIGITAL TELEVISION

Image: © racamani -
Image: © racamani –

The cult comedian in the colorful vest died of cancer last Sunday.

In April he celebrated his 82nd birthday – now Fips Asmussen passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. According to the picture, he had been admitted to the Carl von Baseow Clinic just three days earlier because of cancer, but his eldest daughter Svenja Carolin Dürkop-Pries had not expected his rapid death. He was probably still quite fit in the head.

Fips Asmussen began his comedian career in the 1970s. He quickly put down his program of chansons and poems and turned to the flat jokes – he preferred to tell short jokes in quick succession, mostly about himself, as the picture reported. His stage shows could last around three hours. He would have gone on tour again on September 16.

Fips Asmussen was born on April 30, 1938 in Hamburg under the name Rainer Pries. He had three daughters with his first wife Heidi: Svenja, Jenny and Pamela. While he made everyone laugh on stage, he was a loving but strict father in his family, according to his daughter Svenja opposite Bild.

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